The synthesis and processing of materials utilises primarily benign resources such as bio-based, renewable and non-critical, often Earth-abundant materials. This also involves use and valorisation of waste-streams and preventing the formation of harmful side-products.

Green material synthesis

Research on the synthesis of sustainable materials is mainly driven by the principles of green chemistry.

The ambitious goal is the creation of materials with new properties and simultaneously to develop a synthetic pathway that ensures sustainability. This encompasses safe starting chemicals, renewable feedstocks, safe solvents, heterogenous catalysis, atom economy and life-cycle analysis.

Niklas Hedin Ulrich Häussermann
Anja-Verena Mudring Adam Slabon
Mika Sipponen  

Processing of recycled and bio-based materials

Research on the processing of recycled and bio-based materials at MMK focuses on developing new methods with a reduced environmental foot-print.

Using benign resources such as bio-based and renewable starting materials as well as waste-streams is critical for a sustainable production of new and replacement materials.

Lennart Bergström Niklas Hedin
Aji Mathew Mika Sipponen
Adam Slabon Jiayin Yuan