Ionic liquids are versatile solvents with a number of promising applications, according to Anja Mudring. Photo: Niklas Björling


Versatile solvents offer hope for greener chemistry

Recycling of electronic scrap, lubricants for electric vehicles and perhaps eventually more energy-efficient light sources. Ionic liquids are versatile solvents with a number of promising applications. For Professor Anja Mudring and other chemists, ionic liquids present an opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable society.

Xiaodong Zou

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A world uniq electron microscope is delivered

After almost five years and major renovations in the Arrhenius Laboratory, the University’s new electron microscope is finally in place.


Both fundamental and applied research is carried out at the department. We develop new methods for studying structure and bonding in small and bio-molecules, liquids and solids. The methods include diffraction, electron microscopy, modelling, NMR and other spectroscopic methods. We study the physical and chemical properties of compounds and link them with the structures and reactivity, in order to assess their potential usefulness and impact on the environment. We use various synthesis and processing methods to develop new materials for applications, including implants, catalysis, CO2 separation, controlled release and renewable energy production.

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