Both fundamental and applied research is carried out at the department. We develop new methods for studying structure and bonding in small and bio-molecules, liquids and solids. The methods include diffraction, electron microscopy, modelling, NMR and other spectroscopic methods. We study the physical and chemical properties of compounds and link them with the structures and reactivity, in order to assess their potential usefulness and impact on the environment. We use various synthesis and processing methods to develop new materials for applications, including implants, catalysis, CO2 separation, controlled release and renewable energy production.

Research news

  • SSF grant 2018-10-18 Cheuk-Wai Tai has together with Tom Willhammar, Thomas Thersleff and Hongyi Xu at EMC, Stockholm University received a large grant (7.9 Mkr) within SSF Works - Instrument, Technique, and Method Development Projects 2017 for the project: ”A multidimensional toolkit for modern electron microscopy”
  • Verina F. Kranak will defend her PhD thesis 2017-09-07
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