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Congratulations Aatto, Lennart and Tom

They have received separate VR grants between 3-4 MSEK each and distributed over four years.

Congratulation Julie

Julie Zimmerman, Yale University is affilierad professor at MMK, Stockholm University.

Congratulation Junliang

Junliang Sun, Peking University is affiliated professor at MMK, Stockholm University.

Anja-Verena Mudring, foto: Niklas Björling


Congratulation Anja

Anja Mudring with coapplicatnts Mattias Edén, Alexander Lyubartsev, Belén Martín-Matute from Organic Chemistry and Xiaodong Zou has received 33 MSEK over 5 years from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation for the project "Access to potent medical drugs through polymorph-specific crystallization enabled by ionic liquids".

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Aji Mathew

Designing on a nanoscale for a more sustainable society

Using mainly forest waste as raw material and a 3D printer, Aji Mathew works in materials designs – at the smallest level. The result: bio-based nanomaterials with tailor-made properties, which contribute to sustainability.

Naturvetare är nöjda med sin utbildning

Drygt nio av tio naturvetare och matematiker som examinerades från Stockholms universitet åren 2014-2017 är nöjda med sin utbildning och tre av fyra upplever den som relevant för sitt nuvarande yrke. Detta enligt en ny rapport från Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten.

Tunable assembly of truncated nanocubes by evaporation-driven poor-solvent enrichment

Versatile methods that can predictably assemble nanocrystals into large, well-ordered superlattices are rare. Here, the authors develop such a method–evaporation-driven poor-solvent enrichment–and rigorously determine the effect of various experimental parameters on the size, morphology, and mesoscopic order of the superlattices, giving the approach high predictive power.

Prof. Lennart Bergström


Large research grant for developing green chemistry

The Swedish financier Mistra and industry partners are collectively investing SEK 100 million in the four-year research program SAFECHEM, which aims to create a sustainable chemicals industry and reduce exposure to hazardous substances. Of all the applicants involved, Stockholm University has been awarded the largest sum, approximately SEK 30 million.

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