Photographer: Ningzi


The 3rd International Workshop on Advanced Ceramics and Technologies for Dentistry (ACT4D 2019), March 17-19, 2019, Stockholm, Sweden

The workshop was initiated in 2011, in Stockholm, Sweden, followed by a 2nd one in 2017, in Budapest, Hungary. Both were arranged in association with the Conference & Exhibition of the European Ceramic Society (ECerS XII and XV). The aim was to provide a forum for multidisciplinary brainstorm and discussions between ceramists, engineers and clinicians devoted to dentistry with the focus on challenges encountered by the current and the emerging technologies, as well as future concepts going beyond the state of the art.

It was during the last workshop that we were requested to arrange such a meeting more frequently, probably once every second year. Seeing a clear tendency for dentistry towards digitalization and of the expanding applications of advanced ceramics, not only as prostheses but also as implants, we intend to establish this as an independent workshop series from 3rd meeting onwards.

The scope of the 3rd meeting will be broadened involving topics of advanced ceramics and relevant advanced technologies. In this way, we aim at integrating more complementary knowledge and skills together with cross-disciplinary action on the synergy of fundamental research and needs-driven exploration of advanced ceramics and technologies timely demanded for dentistry. The workshop traditionally seek the works relating to i) the developing and customized manufacturing of novel advanced ceramics with improved properties, ii) the fundamental understanding of the interactions between ceramics (on the micro-to-nanoscale level) and hard-to-soft tissues (on protein and cell level), iii) the reliability of ceramic parts in relation to their hierarchical microstructures and of the feasibility of fitting the ceramic processes into a full digital clinic approach. Besides these the 3rd workshop will also cover the newly quoted works on iv) advanced technologies that will enable the establishment of an ecosystem based on model-free digital workflows.

The theme of “Materializing Digital Solutions for Dentistry” will be particularly emphasized in this 3rd workshop. Selected papers will be published in a special issue of the Journal “Advances in Applied Ceramics”.

The workshop may cover but not limited to the topics listed below:

  • Glasses and ceramics with improved mechanical reliability
  • Bio-scaffold
  • Inorganic cements
  • Self-glazed zirconia
  • Colour and shade digitalization
  • Grinding and wear properties
  • Aesthetic properties of ceramics
  • Novel sintering methods
  • Net-shape forming technologies
  • Additive manufacturing;
  • CVD and PVD for surface modification
  • Bioinspired structures and processes
  • Digital workflow and digital eco-system
  • Clinic application of ceramic prostheses, posts and implants
  • Bonding and cementation
  • Protein / Cell interaction with ceramics
  • Osseointegration
  • Soft tissue integration
  • Failure analysis
  • Quality control