Responsible for



Ann Loftsjö Project coordination of Materials Chemistry (projects, travel expense claims and expenses), recruitment (advertising), archives, Ladok, back-up for travel bookings (BCD) and Magnélisalen, prolongations (PhD students). C408, 2374
Baltzar Stevensson Website, SUKAT. C532, 0721474433
Daniel Emanuelsson Project coordinator of Physical Chemistry (projects, travel expense claims and expenses), customer invoices, facilities. C408, 2374
Elisabeth Pernbom Supplier invoices. C410, 3281
Helmi Frejman Guest room and other accomodation bookings, travel bookings (BCD) and Magnelisalen, diaries recording, cards, keys, safety folder and reference number. C406, 1260
Tatiana Bulavina Project coordinator of Inorganic and Structural Chemistry (projects, travel expense claims and expenses), supplier invoices, personnel administration (employment, vacation application, scholarship, health care, reimbursement for health maintenance activities, information for new employees). C410, 3914
KÖL Bachelor and Master education; application, admission, registration, examination.