The Foundation of Strategic Research (SSF) is funding a national graduate school in neutron scattering during 2017-2021, as a part of the Swedish efforts to strengthen and increase the domestic user and knowledge base in neutron scattering toward the upcoming European Spallation Source (ESS) being built in Lund. The school has been named “SwedNess” ( and will initially host and train 20 graduate students. Among these 20 students, two are affiliated with MMK. In their research projects “Exploration of the pressure-induced amorphization and glassy states of clathrate hydrates” and “Unravelling complex magnetic structures of framework materials” both elastic and inelastic neutron scattering is employed to resolve structural and dynamic properties of materials relevant for energy technology. (Additionally MMK contributes to SwedNess by offering a PhD course in powder neutron diffraction during spring 2018.)