Data collection times may range from 2 to 20 h, depending on the size and quality of the crystals.

Single Crystal diffractometer Xcalibur-III
Single Crystal diffractometer Xcalibur-III

Absorption correction and visualization of crystals at different orientations can be done by recording a set of images with the attached CCD camera.  Windows software for diffractometer control and evaluation of diffraction data. For frequent users it is recommended to purchase own goniometer heads.

The recommended model for goniometer head is: HUBER 1004 or equivalent.


An Oxford Instruments cryojet (liquid nitrogen stream cooler) provides the possibility to perform measurements at temperatures down to approximately 100K. Temperature stability is within 0.1 K. The cryojet can also be utilized as a heater upto approximately 500K.

Examples/Application areas

Single crystal X-ray diffraction is the ultimate analytical tool to determine geometrical parameters to a very high accuracy, for crystalline materials.

A necessary prerequisite are good quality single crystals with dimensions ranging from 50 to 500 microns.

Example 1, small molecule with heavy atoms present

Example 2, Accurate description of an hydrated saccharide

Further examples of structure investigations originating from Xcalibur data sets

Recharge Rates

MMK users: 50 SEK /h (additional 250 SEK /h for operator assistance/training)
External users: 100 SEK /h (additional 500 SEK /h for operator assistance/training)
Commercial user: 1350 SEK /h (only initial operator assistance. Additional 1000 SEK /h for further operator assistance)
Commercial users can also request assistance with evaluation of data at the rate of 2750 SEK / h.

Time unit: per hour