Single Crystal X-ray diffractometer diffractometer Bruker D8 VENTURE
Single Crystal X-ray diffractometer diffractometer Bruker D8 VENTURE

The D8 VENTURE offers highest experimental flexibility, with good accessibility and sample visibility. The patented doors can either be opened in a sliding-door-mode or as swinging doors. It is engineered with high modularity from best-in-class components and is available in all-air-cooled configurations.

Data collection can be performed on crystals with sizes down to 10 μm.

Data collection time may range from 2 to 20 h, depending on the size and quality of the crystals, which is almost as twice faster as Xcalibur-III.

Absorption correction and visualization of crystals at different orientations can be done by recording a set of images with the attached CCD camera.  Windows software for diffractometer control and evaluation of diffraction data. For frequent users it is recommended to purchase own goniometer heads.

The recommended model for goniometer head is: HUBER 1004 or equivalent.


Cryostream will be available soon.

Recharge Rates

MMK users: 100 SEK /h (additional 250 SEK /h for operator assistance or training)
External users: 200 SEK /h (additional 500 SEK /h for operator assistance/training)
Commercial user: 1350 SEK /h (only initial operator assistance. Additional 1000 SEK /h for further operator assistance)

Commercial users can also request assistance with evaluation of data at the rate of 2750 SEK / h.

Time unit: per hour

Crystallographic service

We can provide the service from data collection, structure solution, structure refinement, to final CIF files. For more detailed information, please contact