Recent publications

Author Title Year
Kamal Hany Hussein, Hani Nasser Abdelhamid, Xiaodong Zou,
et al.
Ultrasonicated graphene oxide enhances bone and skin wound regeneration 2019
Devendra Negi, Jakob Spiegelberg, Shunsuke Muto,
et al.
Proposal for measuring magnetism with patterned apertures 2019
Dianzheng Wang, Zhimin Wang, Kailun Li,
et al.
Cracking in laser additively manufactured W : Initiation mechanism and a suppression approach by alloying 2019
Ahmed S. Etman, Ligang Wang, Kristina Edström,
et al.
Molybdenum Oxide Nanosheets with Tunable Plasmonic Resonance : Aqueous Exfoliation Synthesis and Charge Storage Applications 2018
Fredrik Björnerbäck, Niklas Hedin
Microporous Humins Prepared from Sugars and Bio-Based Polymers in Concentrated Sulfuric Acid 2019
Dian-Zheng Wang, Kai-Lun Li, Chen-Fan Yu,
et al.
Cracking Behavior in Additively Manufactured Pure Tungsten 2019
Jonas Ångström, István Zoltán Jenei, Kristina Spektor,
et al.
Formation of Hydrous, Pyroxene-Related Phases from LiAlSiO4 Glass in High-Pressure Hydrothermal Environments 2019
Man-Bo Li, Daniels Posevins, Karl P. J. Gustafson,
et al.
Diastereoselective Cyclobutenol Synthesis : A Heterogeneous Palladium-Catalyzed Oxidative Carbocyclization-Borylation of Enallenols 2019
Sten Sarman, Yong-Lei Wang, Aatto Laaksonen
Shear flow simulations of smectic liquid crystals based on the Gay-Berne fluid and the soft sphere string-fluid 2019
Inna Ermilova, Alexander P. Lyubartsev
Cholesterol in phospholipid bilayers : positions and orientations inside membranes with different unsaturation degrees 2019
Oleksiy Shvets, Kateryna M. Konysheva, Mariya Shamzhy,
et al.
Mordenite nanorods and nanosheets prepared in presence of gemini type surfactants 2019
Inna Ermilova, Alexander Lyubartsev
Modelling of interactions between Aβ(25-35) peptide and phospholipid bilayers : effects of cholesterol and lipid saturation 2019
Nikolaos Ntarakas, Inna Ermilova, Alexander Lyubartsev
Effects of lipid saturation on amyloid-beta peptides partitioning and aggregation in neuronal membranes : molecular dynamics simulations 2019
Bo Xu, Lei Tian, Ahmed S. Etman,
et al.
Solution-processed nanoporous NiO-dye-ZnO photocathodes : Toward efficient and stable solid-state p-type dye-sensitized solar cells and dye-sensitized photoelectrosynthesis cells 2019
Yunxiang Li, Leifeng Liu, Xiaodong Zou,
et al.
Nanocrystalline TON-type zeolites synthesized under static conditions 2017
Gabriella Tessitore, Anja-Verena Mudring, Karl W. Kramer
Luminescence and energy transfer in beta-NaGdF4 : Eu3+, Er3+ nanocrystalline samples from a room temperature synthesis 2018
Lei Tian, Jens Föhlinger, Pales Baran Pati,
et al.
Ultrafast dye regeneration in a core-shell NiO-dye-TiO2 mesoporous film 2018
Eva Raudonyte-Svirbutaviciene, Alexandra Neagu, Vida Vickackaite,
et al.
Two-step photochemical inorganic approach to the synthesis of Ag-CeO2 nanoheterostructures and their photocatalytic activity on tributyltin degradation 2018
Henrik Svengren, Mylad Chamoun, Jekabs Grins,
et al.
Water splitting catalysis studied by real time Faradaic efficiency obtained by coupled electrolysis and mass spectrometry 2017
Ismail Ibrahem, Muhammad Naeem Iqbal, Oscar Verho,
et al.
Copper Nanoparticles on Controlled Pore Glass and TEMPO for the Aerobic Oxidation of Alcohols 2018
Dawei Feng, Ting Lei, Maria R. Lukatskaya,
et al.
Robust and conductive two-dimensional metal-organic frameworks with exceptionally high volumetric and areal capacitance 2018
Arobendo Mondal, Michael W. Gaultois, Andrew J. Pell,
et al.
Large-Scale Computation of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Shifts for Paramagnetic Solids Using CP2K 2018
N. S. Sangeetha, Volodymyr Smetana, Anja-Verena Mudring,
et al.
Antiferromagnetism in semiconducting SrMn2Sb2 and BaMn2Sb2 single crystals 2018
Yi Luo, Zhendong Wang, Junliang Sun,
et al.
A Facile and Green Method for the Synthesis of SFE Borosilicate Zeolite and Its Heteroatom-Substituted Analogues with Promising Catalytic Performances 2018
Chris Celania, Volodymyr Smetana, Anja-Verena Mudring
Bringing order to large-scale disordered complex metal alloys : Gd2Au15-xSbx and BaAuxGa12-x 2018
Shuai Yuan, Jun-Sheng Qin, Hai-Qun Xu,
et al.
[Ti8Zr2O12(COO)(16)] Cluster : An Ideal Inorganic Building Unit for Photoactive Metal-Organic Frameworks 2018
Dianzheng Wang, Chenfan Yu, Jing Ma,
et al.
Reduced wear damage of carbon brushes via transfer layer upon W/Cu composite 2018
Chao Xu, Chang-Qing Ruan, Yunxiang Li,
et al.
High-Performance Activated Carbons Synthesized from Nanocellulose for CO2 Capture and Extremely Selective Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds 2018
Nikolay Korolev, Alexander P. Lyubartsev, Lars Nordenskiöld
A systematic analysis of nucleosome core particle and nucleosome-nucleosome stacking structure 2018
Chris Celania, Volodymyr Smetana, Alessia Provino,
et al.
R-14(Au, M)(51) (R = Y, La-Nd, Sm-Tb, Ho, Er, Yb, Lu; M = Al, Ga, Ge, In, Sn, Sb, Bi) : Stability Ranges and Site Preference in the Gd14Ag51 Structure Type 2018
Varvara Apostolopoulou-Kalkavoura, Korneliya Gordeyeva, Nathalie Lavoine,
et al.
Thermal conductivity of hygroscopic foams based on cellulose nanofibrils and a nonionic polyoxamer 2018
Shiliang Huang, Huijuan Yue, Yanping Chen,
et al.
Three-Dimensional Open-Framework Germanate Built from a Novel Ge-13 Cluster and Containing Two Types of Chiral Layers 2018
Yaxin Zhou, Tsuguyuki Saito, Lennart Bergstrom,
et al.
Acid-Free Preparation of Cellulose Nanocrystals by TEMPO Oxidation and Subsequent Cavitation 2018
Sajjad Ahangar Zonouzi, Rahmatollah Khodabandeh, Habibollah Safarzadeh,
et al.
Experimental investigation of the flow and heat transfer of magnetic nanofluid in a vertical tube in the presence of magnetic quadrupole field 2018
Stavroula Kampouri, Tu N. Nguyen, Christopher P. Ireland,
et al.
Photocatalytic hydrogen generation from a visible-light responsive metal-organic framework system : the impact of nickel phosphide nanoparticles 2018
Volodymyr Smetana, Yaroslav Mudryk, Vitalij K. Pecharsky,
et al.
Controlling magnetism via transition metal exchange in the series of intermetallics Eu(T1, T2)(5)In (T = Cu, Ag, Au) 2018
Ranran Zhang, Qianli Huang, Xujie Liu,
et al.
ZnO nanostructures enhance the osteogenic capacity of SaOS-2 cells on acid-etched pure Ti 2018
Nikola Kanas, Sathya Prakash Singh, Magnus Rotan,
et al.
Influence of processing on stability, microstructure and thermoelectric properties of Ca3Co4 - (x)O9+delta 2018
Lei Wang, Hongyi Xu, Nana Yan,
et al.
Exploring Bronsted acids confined in the 10-ring channels of the zeolite ferrierite 2018
Marta Vico Solano, Greco González Miera, Vlad Pascanu,
et al.
Versatile Heterogeneous Palladium Catalysts for Diverse Carbonylation Reactions under Atmospheric Carbon Monoxide Pressure 2018
Sahar Sultan, Aji P. Mathew
3D printed scaffolds with gradient porosity based on a cellulose nanocrystal hydrogel 2018
Kristina Spektor, Wilson A. Crichton, Sumit Konar,
et al.
Unraveling Hidden Mg-Mn-H Phase Relations at High Pressures and Temperatures by in Situ Synchrotron Diffraction 2018
Tamara L. Church, Diana Bernin, Alfonso E. Garcia-Bennett,
et al.
Dispersed Uniform Nanoparticles from a Macroscopic Organosilica Powder 2018
Jia Lin, Minliang Lai, Letian Dou,
et al.
Thermochromic halide perovskite solar cells 2018
Henrik Wiinikka, Pal Toth, Kjell Jansson,
et al.
Particle formation during pressurized entrained flow gasification of wood powder : Effects of process conditions on chemical composition, nanostructure, and reactivity 2018
Alexander L. Rabinovich, Alexander P. Lyubartsev, Dmitrii V. Zhurkin
Unperturbed hydrocarbon chains and liquid phase bilayer lipid chains : a computer simulation study 2018
Kevin J. Sanders, Andrew J. Pell, Sebastian Wegner,
et al.
Broadband MAS NMR spectroscopy in the low-power limit 2018
Yingxin Liu, Daniela Stoeckel, Korneliya Gordeyeva,
et al.
Nanoscale Assembly of Cellulose Nanocrystals during Drying and Redispersion 2018
Yan Jiang, Luca Deiana, Rana Alimohammadzadeh,
et al.
Highly Diastereo- and Enantioselective Cascade Synthesis of Bicyclic Lactams in One-Pot 2018
Shehryar Khan, V. Peters, Jozef Kowalewski,
et al.
Zero-field splitting in the isoelectronic aqueous Gd(III) and Eu(II) complexes from a first principles analysis 2018
Yingxin Liu
Strong and Flexible Nanocomposites of Carboxylated Cellulose Nanofibril Dispersed by Industrial Lignin 2018
Zhi-Long Yu, Ning Yang, Varvara Apostolopoulou-Kalkavoura,
et al.
Fire-Retardant and Thermally Insulating Phenolic-Silica Aerogels 2018
N. S. Sangeetha, V. K. Anand, Eduardo Cuervo-Reyes,
et al.
Enhanced moments of Eu in single crystals of the metallic helical antiferromagnet EuCo2-yAs2 2018
Lu Song, Yafei Wang, Jing Ma,
et al.
Core/shell structured Zn/ZnO nanoparticles synthesized by gaseous laser ablation with enhanced photocatalysis efficiency 2018
Hani Nasser Abdelhamid, Xiaodong Zou
Template-free and room temperature synthesis of hierarchical porous zeolitic imidazolate framework nanoparticles and their dye and CO2 sorption 2018
Jude E. Namanga, Niels Gerlitzki, Volodymyr Smetana,
et al.
Supramolecularly Caged Green-Emitting Ionic Ir(III)-Based Complex with Fluorinated CN Ligands and Its Application in Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells 2018
Baltzar Stevensson, Yang Yu, Mattias Edén
Structure-composition trends in multicomponent borosilicate-based glasses deduced from molecular dynamics simulations with improved B-O and P-O force fields 2018
Jekabs Grins, Dariusz Wardecki, Kjell Jansson,
et al.
A structural study of Ruddlesden-Popper phases Sr3-xYx(Fe1.25Ni0.75)O7-delta with x <= 0.75 by neutron powder diffraction and EXAFS/XANES spectroscopy 2018
Viktor Renman, Mario Valvo, Cheuk-Wai Tai,
et al.
Manganese pyrosilicates as novel positive electrode materials for Na-ion batteries 2018
Lee A. Goetz, Narges Naseri, Santhosh S. Nair,
et al.
All cellulose electrospun water purification membranes nanotextured using cellulose nanocrystals 2018
Damao Wang, Jing Li, Germán Salazar-Alvarez,
et al.
Production of functionalised chitins assisted by fungal lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase 2018
Sten Sarman, Yong-Lei Wang, Patrick Rohlmann,
et al.
Rheology of phosphonium ionic liquids : a molecular dynamics and experimental study 2018
Nana Yan, Hongyi Xu, Wenna Zhang,
et al.
Probing locations of organic structure-directing agents (OSDAs) and host-guest interactions in CHA-type SAPO-34/44 2018
Jian-Ke Sun, Weiyi Zhang, Ryan Guterman,
et al.
Porous polycarbene-bearing membrane actuator for ultrasensitive weak-acid detection and real-time chemical reaction monitoring 2018
Zuozhong Liang, Zhiyuan Yang, Zhehao Huang,
et al.
Novel insight into the epitaxial growth mechanism of six-fold symmetrical beta-Co(OH)(2)/Co(OH)F hierarchical hexagrams and their water oxidation activity 2018
Haoquan Zheng, Henrik Svengren, Zhehao Huang,
et al.
Hollow titania spheres loaded with noble metal nanoparticles for photocatalytic water oxidation 2018
Martin Kapuscinski, Michael Agthe, Lennart Bergström
Time-resolved viscoelastic properties of self-assembling iron oxide nanocube superlattices probed by quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring 2018
Jian Zhao, Sybrand J. T. Jonker, Denise N. Meyer,
et al.
Copper-catalyzed synthesis of allenylboronic acids. Access to sterically encumbered homopropargylic alcohols and amines by propargylboration 2018
Eleni Mitoudi-Vagourdi, Wassilios Papawassiliou, Silvia Müllner,
et al.
Synthesis and Physical Properties of the Oxofluoride Cu-2(SeO3)F-2 2018
Ove Andersson, Ulrich Häussermann
A Second Glass Transition in Pressure Collapsed Type II Clathrate Hydrates 2018
Samara Keshavarz, Sofia Kontos, Dariusz Wardecki,
et al.
Magnetic properties of Ruddlesden-Popper phases Sr3-& : A combined experimental and theoretical investigation 2018
Federico Elías-Wolff, Martin Lindén, Alexander P. Lyubartsev,
et al.
Computing Curvature Sensitivity of Biomolecules in Membranes by Simulated Buckling 2018
Yong-Lei Wang, You-Liang Zhu, Zhong-Yuan Lu,
et al.
Electrostatic interactions in soft particle systems : mesoscale simulations of ionic liquids 2018
Wen-Ya Wu, Weng Weei Tjiu, Wei Wan,
et al.
Endotaxial growth of FexGe single-crystals on Ge(001) substrates 2018
Tarek Alammar, Ihor Z. Hlova, Shalabh Gupta,
et al.
Luminescence properties of mechanochemically synthesized lanthanide containing MIL-78 MOFs 2018
Ankit Kumar, Erik Wetterskog, Erik Lewin,
et al.
Effect of in situ electric-field-assisted growth on antiphase boundaries in epitaxial Fe3O4 thin films on MgO 2018
Denis Gebauer, Kjell Jansson, Mikael Oliveberg,
et al.
Indications that Amorphous Calcium Carbonates Occur in Pathological Mineralisation-A Urinary Stone from a Guinea Pig 2018
Ranran Zhang, Tarek A. Elkhooly, Qianli Huang,
et al.
Effects of the hierarchical macro/mesoporous structure on the osteoblast-like cell response 2018
Alexandra Neagu, Cheuk-Wai Tai
The influence of potassium content on octahedral-tilt disorder in Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3-solid solutions near morphotropic phase boundary 2018
I. Heikkila, O. Karlsson, D. Lindell,
et al.
Comparison Between Microstructures, Deformation Mechanisms and Micromechanical Properties of 316L Stainless Steel Consolidated by Laser Melting 2018
Yingxin Liu, Shu-Hong Yu, Lennart Bergström
Transparent and Flexible Nacre‐Like Hybrid Films of Aminoclays and Carboxylated Cellulose Nanofibrils 2018
Chuanqi Zhang, Elina Kapaca, Jiyang Li,
et al.
An Extra-Large-Pore Zeolite with 24 x 8 x 8-Ring Channels Using a Structure-Directing Agent Derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine 2018
Leifeng Liu, Qingqing Ding, Yuan Zhong,
et al.
Dislocation network in additive manufactured steel breaks strength-ductility trade-off 2018
Lorenzo Agosta, Alfredo Metere, Mikhail Dzugutov
Hexatic smectic phase with algebraically decaying bond-orientational order 2018
Denis Prodius, Magdalena Wilk-Kozubek, Anja-Verena Mudring
Synthesis, structural characterization and luminescence properties of 1-carboxymethyl-3-ethylimidazolium chloride 2018
Alexandra Neagu, Cheuk-Wai Tai
Investigation of local structural phase transitions in 95Na(0.5)Bi(0.5)TiO(3)-5BaTiO(3) piezoceramics by means of in-situ transmission electron microscopy 2018
Ranran Zhang, Xujie Liu, Zhiyuan Xiong,
et al.
Novel micro/nanostructured TiO2/ZnO coating with antibacterial capacity and cytocompatibility 2018
Hitesh Motwani, Lars Eriksson, Lisa Göpfert,
et al.
Reaction kinetic studies for comparison of mutagenic potency between butadiene monoxide and glycidamide 2018
Tianqiong Ma, Jian Li, Jing Niu,
et al.
Observation of Interpenetration Isomerism in Covalent Organic Frameworks 2018
Bernd Wicklein, Achim M. Diem, Andrea Knöller,
et al.
Dual-Fiber Approach toward Flexible Multifunctional Hybrid Materials 2018
Yue Ma, Cheuk-Wai Tai, Shaowen Li,
et al.
Multiscale Interfacial Strategy to Engineer Mixed Metal-Oxide Anodes toward Enhanced Cycling Efficiency 2018
Jong Min Kim, Valentina Guccini, Dongwon Kim,
et al.
A novel textile-like carbon wrapping for highperformance silicon anodes in lithium-ion batteries 2018
Serkan Akansel, Vijayaharan A. Venugopal, Ankit Kumar,
et al.
Effect of seed layers on dynamic and static magnetic properties of Fe65Co35 thin films 2018
M. A. Khatun, M. M. Hossain, M. A. Bari,
et al.
Zinc deficiency tolerance in maize is associated with the up-regulation of Zn transporter genes and antioxidant activities 2018
Jon Olsén, Zhijian Shen, Leifeng Liu,
et al.
Micro- and macro-structural heterogeneities in 316L stainless steel prepared by electron-beam melting 2018
Le Xu, Lin Zhang, Jian Li,
et al.
Crystallization of a Novel Germanosilicate ECNU-16 Provides Insights into the Space-Filling Effect on Zeolite Crystal Symmetry 2018
N. A. Wójcik, B. Jonson, D. Möncke,
et al.
Influence of synthesis conditions on glass formation, structure and thermal properties in the Na2O-CaO-P2O5 system doped with Si3N4 and Mg 2018
Rui Sun, Peng Zhang, Éva G. Bajnócz,
et al.
Amorphous Calcium Carbonate Constructed from Nanoparticle Aggregates with Unprecedented Surface Area and Mesoporosity 2018
Jonas Ångström, Hong Chen, Wei Wan
Accurate lattice-parameter determination from electron diffraction tomography data using two-dimensional diffraction vectors 2018
Gulou Shen, Aatto Laaksonen, Xiaohua Lu,
et al.
Developing Electrolyte Perturbed-Chain Statistical Associating Fluid Theory Density Functional Theory for CO2 Separation by Confined Ionic Liquids 2018

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