Recent publications

Author Title Year
Kamal Hany Hussein, Hani Nasser Abdelhamid, Xiaodong Zou,
et al.
Ultrasonicated graphene oxide enhances bone and skin wound regeneration 2019
Dianzheng Wang, Zhimin Wang, Kailun Li,
et al.
Cracking in laser additively manufactured W : Initiation mechanism and a suppression approach by alloying 2019
Ahmed S. Etman, Ligang Wang, Kristina Edström,
et al.
Molybdenum Oxide Nanosheets with Tunable Plasmonic Resonance : Aqueous Exfoliation Synthesis and Charge Storage Applications 2018
Dian-Zheng Wang, Kai-Lun Li, Chen-Fan Yu,
et al.
Cracking Behavior in Additively Manufactured Pure Tungsten 2019
Jonas Ångström, István Zoltán Jenei, Kristina Spektor,
et al.
Formation of Hydrous, Pyroxene-Related Phases from LiAlSiO4 Glass in High-Pressure Hydrothermal Environments 2019
Man-Bo Li, Daniels Posevins, Karl P. J. Gustafson,
et al.
Diastereoselective Cyclobutenol Synthesis : A Heterogeneous Palladium-Catalyzed Oxidative Carbocyclization-Borylation of Enallenols 2019
Sten Sarman, Yong-Lei Wang, Aatto Laaksonen
Shear flow simulations of smectic liquid crystals based on the Gay-Berne fluid and the soft sphere string-fluid 2019
Inna Ermilova, Alexander P. Lyubartsev
Cholesterol in phospholipid bilayers : positions and orientations inside membranes with different unsaturation degrees 2019
Oleksiy Shvets, Kateryna M. Konysheva, Mariya Shamzhy,
et al.
Mordenite nanorods and nanosheets prepared in presence of gemini type surfactants 2019
Inna Ermilova, Alexander Lyubartsev
Modelling of interactions between Aβ(25-35) peptide and phospholipid bilayers : effects of cholesterol and lipid saturation 2019
Nikolaos Ntarakas, Inna Ermilova, Alexander Lyubartsev
Effects of lipid saturation on amyloid-beta peptides partitioning and aggregation in neuronal membranes : molecular dynamics simulations 2019
Bo Xu, Lei Tian, Ahmed S. Etman,
et al.
Solution-processed nanoporous NiO-dye-ZnO photocathodes : Toward efficient and stable solid-state p-type dye-sensitized solar cells and dye-sensitized photoelectrosynthesis cells 2019
Stef Smeets, Jonas Ångström, Claes-Olof A. Olsson
Quantitative Phase Analysis for Carbide Characterization in Steel Using Automated Electron Diffraction 2019
Devendra Negi, Jakob Spiegelberg, Shunsuke Muto,
et al.
Proposal for Measuring Magnetism with Patterned Apertures in a Transmission Electron Microscope 2019
Ahmed S. Etman, Junliang Sun, Reza Younesi
V2O5·nH2O nanosheets and multi-walled carbon nanotube composite as a negative electrode for sodium-ion batteries 2018
Su-Yun Zhang, Zdravko Kochovski, Hui-Chun Lee,
et al.
Ionic organic cage-encapsulating phase-transferable metal clusters 2019
Yingbin Wang, Wenjuan Miao, Xingyang He,
et al.
Stearic-capric acid/porous nanoceramics as a novel form-stable composite phase change material (FSPCM) for thermal energy storage 2019
Lu Song, Qinghua Zhang, Jing Ma,
et al.
Vacancy-ordered yttria stabilized zirconia as a low-temperature electronic conductor achieved by laser melting 2019
Jens Q. Adolphsen, Vanesa Gil, Bhaskar R. Sudireddy,
et al.
Characterisation and processing of aqueous LaNi0.6Fe0.4O3 Suspensions into Porous Electrode Layers for Alkaline Water Electrolysis 2019
Latif Ullah, Guoying Zhao, Niklas Hedin,
et al.
Highly efficient adsorption of benzothiophene from model fuel on a metal-organic framework modified with dodeca-tungstophosphoric acid 2019
Mikaela Görlin, Petko Chernev, Paul Paciok,
et al.
Formation of unexpectedly active Ni-Fe oxygen evolution electrocatalysts by physically mixing Ni and Fe oxyhydroxides 2019
Federico Elias-Wolff, Martin Lindén, Alexander P. Lyubartsev,
et al.
Curvature sensing by cardiolipin in simulated buckled membranes 2019
Carin Eklöf-Österberg, Reji Nedumkandathil, Ulrich Häussermann,
et al.
Dynamics of Hydride Ions in Metal Hydride-Reduced BaTiO3 Samples Investigated with Quasielastic Neutron Scattering 2019
Kailun Li, Dianzheng Wang, Leilei Xing,
et al.
Crack suppression in additively manufactured tungsten by introducing secondary-phase nanoparticles into the matrix 2019
Stanislav Filippov, Johan Klarbring, Ulrich Häussermann,
et al.
Temperature-induced phase transition and Li self-diffusion in Li2C2 : A first-principles study 2019
Xian-Jing Zhou, Hai-Peng Lu, Ling-Li Kong,
et al.
Thermo-sensitive Microgels Supported Gold Nanoparticles as Temperature-mediated Catalyst 2019
Walid Alkarmo, Farid Ouhib, Abdelhafid Aqil,
et al.
Poly(ionic liquid)-Derived N-Doped Carbons with Hierarchical Porosity for Lithium- and Sodium-Ion Batteries 2019
Aijie Liu, Cheuk-Wai Tai, Katerina Hola,
et al.
Hollow polymer dots : nature-mimicking architecture for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction 2019
Jae Yoon Shin, Yong-Lei Wang, Steven A. Yamada,
et al.
Imidazole and 1-Methylimidazole Hydrogen Bonding and Nonhydrogen Bonding Liquid Dynamics : Ultrafast IR Experiments 2019
Sk Imran Ali, Sven Lidin, Mats Johnsson
Crystal Structure of the Disordered Non-Centrosymmetric Compound Fe0.43Mo2.56SbO9.5 2019
J. Liu, Y. Mudryk, Volodymyr Smetana,
et al.
Anomalous effects of Sc substitution and processing on magnetism and structure of (Gd1-xScx)(5)Ge-4 2019
Ahmed F. Abdel-Magied, Hani Nasser Abdelhamid, Radwa M. Ashour,
et al.
Hierarchical porous zeolitic imidazolate frameworks nanoparticles for efficient adsorption of rare-earth elements 2019
Alexander Mirzoev, Lars Nordenskiöld, Alexander Lyubartsev
Magic v.3 : An integrated software package for systematic structure-based coarse-graining 2019
Yafei Wang, Leilei Xing, Kailun Li,
et al.
Band-Like Distribution of Grains in Selective Laser Melting Track Under Keyhole Mode 2019
Xihe Liu, Congcong Zhao, Xin Zhou,
et al.
Microstructure of selective laser melted AlSi10Mg alloy 2019
Zhen Qiu, Cheuk-Wai Tai, Gunnar A. Niklasson,
et al.
Direct observation of active catalyst surface phases and the effect of dynamic self-optimization in NiFe-layered double hydroxides for alkaline water splitting 2019
Luis Valencia, Vishnu Arumughan, Blanca Jalvo,
et al.
Nanolignocellulose Extracted from Environmentally Undesired Prosopis juliflora 2019
Yi Luo, Stef Smeets, Zhendong Wang,
et al.
Synthesis and Structure Determination of SCM-15 : A 3D Large Pore Zeolite with Interconnected Straight 12x12x10-Ring Channels 2019
Khushbu Kushwaha, Liyang Yu, Kati Stranius,
et al.
A Record Chromophore Density in High-Entropy Liquids of Two Low-Melting Perylenes : A New Strategy for Liquid Chromophores 2019
Gennady V. Bazuev, Alexander P. Tyutyunnik, Alexander V. Korolev,
et al.
The effect of manganese oxidation state on antiferromagnetic order in SrMn1-xSbxO3 (0 < x < 0.5) perovskite solid solutions 2019
Fredrik Björnerbäck, Niklas Hedin
Microporous Humins Prepared from Sugars and Bio-Based Polymers in Concentrated Sulfuric Acid 2019
Fredrik Björnerbäck, Niklas Hedin
Highly Porous Hypercrosslinked Polymers Derived from Biobased Molecules 2019
Henry Auer, Reji Nedumkandathil, Ulrich Häussermann,
et al.
The Hydrogenation of the Zintl Phase NdGa Studied by in situ Neutron Diffraction 2019
Per Tidehag, Zhijian Shen
Digital dentistry calls the change of ceramics and ceramic processes 2019
Emese Abram, Gabor Gajdatsy, Peter Hermann,
et al.
The colour of monolithic zirconia restorations determined by spectrophotometric examination 2019
Amber Mace, Senja Barthel, Berend Smit
Automated Multiscale Approach To Predict Self-Diffusion from a Potential Energy Field 2019
Bin Ji, Abed Alganyi Alrayes, Jing Zhao,
et al.
Grinding and polishing efficiency of a novel self-glazed zirconia versus the conventional dry-pressed and sintered zirconia ceramics 2019
Larisa Sigolaeva, Tatiana Bulko, Maxim S. Kozin,
et al.
Long-term stable poly(ionic liquid)/MWCNTs inks enable enhanced surface modification for electrooxidative detection and quantification of dsDNA 2019
Saeed Mortezazadeh, Yousef Jamali, Hossein Naderi-Manesh,
et al.
Implicit solvent systematic coarse-graining of dioleoylphosphatidylethanolamine lipids : From the inverted hexagonal to the bilayer structure 2019
Hezhen Li, Lu Song, Jialin Sun,
et al.
Dental ceramic prostheses by stereolithography-based additive manufacturing : potentials and challenges 2019
Jian Li, Cong Lin, Yuxin Min,
et al.
Discovery of Complex Metal Oxide Materials by Rapid Phase Identification and Structure Determination 2019
Ning Yuan, Maitham H. Majeed, Éva G. Bajnóczi,
et al.
In Situ XAS Study of the Local Structure and Oxidation State Evolutions of Palladium in a Reduced Graphene Oxide Supported Pd(II) Carbene Complex during an Undirected C−H Acetoxylation Reaction 2019
Ranran Zhang, Nan Xu, Xujie Liu,
et al.
Dose-dependent enhancement of bioactivity by surface ZnO nanostructures on acid-etched pure titanium 2019
Duan Li, Yongsheng Liu, Yuan Zhong,
et al.
Dense and strong ZrO2 ceramics fully densified in <15 min 2019
Ji Zou, Yuan Zhong, Mirva Eriksson,
et al.
Tougher zirconia nanoceramics with less yttria 2019
Xihe Liu, Congcong Zhao, Xin Zhou,
et al.
CNT-reinforced AlSi10Mg composite by selective laser melting : microstructural and mechanical properties 2019
Fang Zhou, Yasmina Sultanbawa, Huan Feng,
et al.
A New Red-Emitting Fluorescence Probe for Rapid and Effective Visualization of Bisulfite in Food Samples and Live Animals 2019
Xianjing Zhou, Jens Weber, Jiayin Yuan
Poly(ionic liquid)s : Platform for CO2 capture and catalysis 2019
Niklas Hedin, Zoltán Bacsik
Perspectives on the adsorption of CO2 on amine-modified silica studied by infrared spectroscopy 2019
Wei Wang, Yahui Wang, Shijia Liu,
et al.
Carbon-supported phosphatized CuNi nanoparticle catalysts for hydrazine electrooxidation 2019
Qingquan Tang, Weiyi Zhang, Jiayin Yuan,
et al.
Templated synthesis of cyclic poly(ionic liquid)s 2019
Alex J. Corkett, Zheng Chen, Dimitri Bogdanovski,
et al.
Band Gap Tuning in Bismuth Oxide Carbodiimide Bi2O2NCN 2019
Sahar Sultan, Aji P. Mathew
3D Printed Porous Cellulose Nanocomposite Hydrogel Scaffolds 2019
Rui Sun, Cheuk-Wai Tai, Maria Strømme,
et al.
Hierarchical Porous Carbon Synthesized from Novel Porous Amorphous Calcium or Magnesium Citrate with Enhanced SF6 Uptake and SF6/N-2 Selectivity 2019
Sugam Kumar, Indresh Yadav, Debes Ray,
et al.
Evolution of Interactions in the Protein Solution As Induced by Mono and Multivalent Ions 2019
Hae Sung Cho, Jingjing Yang, Xuan Gong,
et al.
Isotherms of individual pores by gas adsorption crystallography 2019
Xihe Liu, Xin Zhou, Ben Xu,
et al.
Morphological Development of Sub-Grain Cellular/Bands Microstructures in Selective Laser Melting 2019
M. Infas H. Mohideen, Chen Lei, Jiří Tuček,
et al.
Magneto-structural correlations of novel kagome-type metal organic frameworks 2019
Abtin Heydarian, Seyed Abdolkarim Sajjadi, Frank Kern,
et al.
Characteristics evaluation of SiC/Si nanocomposites produced by spark plasma sintering 2019
Armando Córdova, Samson Afewerki, Rana Alimohammadzadeh,
et al.
A sustainable strategy for production and functionalization of nanocelluloses 2019
Wenming Hao, Yongsheng Liu, Alexandra Neagu,
et al.
Core-Shell and Hollow Particles of Carbon and SiC Prepared from Hydrochar 2019
Andrés Alanis, Josué Hernández Valdés, Neira-Velázquez Maria Guadalupe,
et al.
Plasma surface-modification of cellulose nanocrystals : a green alternative towards mechanical reinforcement of ABS 2019
Stephan Wöhlbrandt, Ole Beyer, Helge Reinsch,
et al.
Five New Coordination Polymers with a Bifunctional Phosphonate-Sulfonate Linker Molecule 2019
Jing Huang, Bo Xu, Lei Tian,
et al.
A heavy metal-free CuInS2 quantum dot sensitized NiO photocathode with a Re molecular catalyst for photoelectrochemical CO2 reduction 2019
Peng Liu, Chuantao Zhu, Aji P. Mathew
Mechanically robust high flux graphene oxide - nanocellulose membranes for dye removal from water 2019
G. Bastien, Maria Roslova, M. H. Haghighi,
et al.
Spin-glass state and reversed magnetic anisotropy induced by Cr doping in the Kitaev magnet alpha-RuCl3 2019
Katharina V. Dorn, Björn Blaschkowski, Heiko Bamberger,
et al.
Black Current : Structure, Characterization, and Optoelectronic Properties of Ce3Cl3[MoO6] 2019
Abou El Fettouh Abd El Moneim Abd El-Hakim, Ahmed Abd Allah Haroun, Abdel Gawad Mohamed Rabie,
et al.
Improving the mechanical and thermal properties of chlorinated poly(vinyl chloride) by incorporating modified CaCO3 nanoparticles as a filler 2019
Shuvo Jit Datta, Peter Oleynikov, Won Kyung Moon,
et al.
Removal of Sr-90 from highly Na+-rich liquid nuclear waste with a layered vanadosilicate 2019
Man-Bo Li, Erik Svensson Grape, Jan-E. Bäckvall
Palladium-Catalyzed Stereospecific Oxidative Cascade Reaction of Allenes for the Construction of Pyrrole Rings : Control of Reactivity and Selectivity 2019
Beiya Nan, Yongsheng Liu, Qiangwei You,
et al.
Microstructure and Properties of Porous SiC Ceramics Modified by CVI-SiC Nanowires 2019
Juna Bae, Magdalena O. Cichocka, Yi Zhang,
et al.
Phase Transformation Behavior of a Two-Dimensional Zeolite 2019
Ranran Zhang, Nan Xu, Xujie Liu,
et al.
Micro/nanostructured TiO2/ZnO coating enhances osteogenic activity of SaOS-2 cells 2019
Simon Smolders, Tom Willhammar, Andraž Krajnc,
et al.
A Titanium(IV)-Based Metal-Organic Framework Featuring Defect-Rich Ti-O Sheets as an Oxidative Desulfurization Catalyst 2019
Tiedong Sun, Alexander Mirzoev, Vishal Minhas,
et al.
A multiscale analysis of DNA phase separation : from atomistic to mesoscale level 2019
Katharina V. Dorn, Björn Blaschkowski, Philip Netzsch,
et al.
Blue Excitement : The Lanthanide(III) Chloride Oxidomolybdates(VI) Ln(3)Cl(3)[MoO6] (Ln = La, Pr, and Nd) and Their Spectroscopic Properties 2019
Dragos Lucian Isac, Anton Airinei, Dan Maftei,
et al.
On the Charge-Transfer Excitations in Azobenzene Maleimide Compounds : A Theoretical Study 2019
Ove Andersson, Paulo H. B. Brant Carvalho, Ying-Jui Hsu,
et al.
Transitions in pressure-amorphized clathrate hydrates akin to those of amorphous ices 2019
Dirk Lenzen, Jingjing Zhao, Sebastian-Johannes Ernst,
et al.
A metal-organic framework for efficient water-based ultra-low-temperature-driven cooling 2019
Karl P. J. Gustafson, Tamás Görbe, Gonzalo de Gonzalo-Calvo,
et al.
Chemoenzymatic Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of Primary Benzylic Amines using Pd-0-CalB CLEA as a Biohybrid Catalyst 2019
Chao Gao, Jian Li, Sheng Yin,
et al.
Isostructural Three-Dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks 2019
Nan Chen, Guoqiang Ma, Wanquan Zhu,
et al.
Enhancement of an additive-manufactured austenitic stainless steel by post-manufacture heat-treatment 2019
Sutthichat Kerdphon, Sudipta Ponra, Jianping Yang,
et al.
Diastereo- and Enantioselective Synthesis of Structurally Diverse Succinate, Butyrolactone, and Trifluoromethyl Derivatives by Iridium-Catalyzed Hydrogenation of Tetrasubstituted Olefins 2019
Lars Eriksson, Göran Widmalm
Crystal structure of methyl alpha-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1 -> 2)-alpha-L-rhamnopyranoside monohydrate 2019
Liu Xihe, Zhao Congcong, Zhou Xin,
et al.
Influence of Carbon Nanotubes on Defects in AlSi10Mg Alloy Fabricated by Selective Laser Melting 2019
Hongyi Xu, Hugo Lebrette, Max T. B. Clabbers,
et al.
Solving a new R2lox protein structure by microcrystal electron diffraction 2019
Katharina Dorn, Ingo Hartenbach
Press to Success : Gd5FW3O16-The First Gadolinium(III) Fluoride Oxidotungstate(VI) 2019
Hani Nasser Abdelhamid
Surfactant assisted synthesis of hierarchical porous metal-organic frameworks nanosheets 2019
Habtom Desta Asfaw, Antonia Kotronia, Cheuk-Wai Tai,
et al.
Tailoring the Microstructure and Electrochemical Performance of 3D Microbattery Electrodes Based on Carbon Foams 2019
Kristina Spektor, Wilson A. Crichton, Stanislav Filippov,
et al.
Exploring the Mg-Cr-H System at High Pressure and Temperature via in Situ Synchrotron Diffraction 2019

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