The public defense begins with the chairperson presenting the participants. The respondent and the opponent then give short presentations, the former to present the thesis and the latter to put the thesis in a broader perspective. The presentations shouldn’t be longer than 15 minutes each. After the presentations the opposition takes place. Finally, the committee and the public shall also have the possibility to ask questions. There is no formal time limit, but it’s good if the defense can be finished after about 2 hours or possibly a bit later. The chairman should discuss this with the opponent in advance, and if the opponent expresses a wish to oppose for a longer time, a break should be arranged after about 2 hours.

After the defense all participants return to MMK where the examination committee deliberates. The responsible administrator arranges the reception and books lunch at 12.30 for the opponent, the examination committee, the chairman, the supervisor and the PhD student. The PhD student’s partner is also welcome to participate.

If the opponent is a guest from far away and arrives earlier, the main supervisor (if he/she wishes to) can, within the representation expenses, invite the opponent for a dinner the evening before the public defense.