The PhD student shall contact the printer in good time to obtain information and make a schedule (see the Faculty’s webpage). The thesis shall be printed and delivered no later than 12 o’clock the day before the nailing, and the final printing must begin at least 8 working days before nailing. One should therefore submit the manuscript for the printing of galley proofs two to three weeks before the nailing.

The nailing of the thesis must take place no later than 3 weeks before the intended public defense. In connection with the nailing the printer delivers three copies to the Student Services, seven obligatory copies, 18 copies to the University Library for further distribution to Swedish university libraries and the Nordic national libraries and the rest (at least 50 copies) to the department. From the copies delivered to the department the PhD student distributes the thesis further to the opponent, the examination committee, the supervisors, all researchers and PhD students at the department and to other Swedish university departments for which the thesis is of interest. The PhD student retains at least 5 copies (and possibly the copies that have been returned).