Materials for energy

Energy-related materials research at MMK spans a broad spectrum from energy savings, conversion to storage.

We focus on the enabling role of chemistry in uncovering new energy materials and improving their characterization, function and performance. Research topics include but are not limited to thermal insulation, lubricants, magnetic refrigeration, solid state lighting, fuel cells, photo-/electrochemical systems, and thermoelectrics.

Lennart Bergström Niklas Hedin
Ulrich Häussermann Jiayin Yuan
Mats Johnsson Adam Slabon
Mika Sipponen Thomas Thersleff
Gunnar Svensson Xiaodong Zou


Materials for environment

Research at MMK on materials for environment involves sustainable materials for water purification, air purification, CO2 capture and microplastics removal.

Developed materials include  biobased membranes, filters, adsorbents, semiconductors  and   photocatalytic materials and hybrids.  Our collaborations with research organizations and  industries  helps us to scale up the developed materials.

Niklas Hedin Ulrich Häussermann
Andrew Kentaro Inge Aji Mathew
Anja-Verena Mudring Mika Sipponen
Adam Slabon Gunnar Svensson
Jiayin Yuan  


Materials for health

Research on materials for health at MMK spans from biomedical implants to drug delivery systems.

The research focuses on materials for tissue engineering, controlled release, antibacterial properties and cell viability.

Andrew Kentaro Inge  
Aji Mathew