Powder diffractometer Panalytical X?Pert PRO
Powder diffractometer Panalytical X?Pert PRO


  • Conventional back loading sample holders in transmission mode.
  • Zero-background sample holder based on a Si wafer for use in reflection geometry.
  • Automatic sample changer with 15 positions for high throughput measurements in reflection as well as transmission mode.
  • Spinning goniometer head for measuring air sensitive samples in capillary transmission mode.
  • Anton Paar XRK 900 High temperature chamber with adapter (max T = 900 °C, max P = 10 bar overpressure maximum or vacuum, Be windows), temperature controller, PC controlled adapter for height adjustment. Consumables for non-ambient measurement (e.g. gas mixtures) must be supplied by the user.

Recharge Rates


100 SEK/h (no operator assistance)

200 SEK/h (operator assistance)

External academic users:

200 SEK/h (no operator assistance)

400 SEK/h (operator assistance)

Commercial user:

675 SEK /h (1000 kr with operator assistance)
Commercial users can also request assistance with evaluation of data at the rate of 1375 SEK / h.

Fee for training/configurations:

MMK users 250 SEK/h, external academic users 500 SEK/h, commercial users 1000 SEK/h.

Time unit: per hour