TGA - Setaram TAG 24
TGA - Setaram TAG 24

Measurements can be made in any, oxidizing to reducing, gas atmosphere, which does not corrode the metal components, to 1750°C, and in vacuum to 2400°C by removing the protection tubes. Controlled heating rates are up to 30°/min. The weight sensitivity is 1 mg and up to 20 g of sample can be used. The temperature is measured by three-couple elements, up to 1750°C made from Pt/Pt-Rh. The sample compartments can prior to measurements be evacuated by a pump down to 10-2 mbar. In addition to the sweeping gas, an auxiliary gas can be introduced manually at a chosen stage. Simultaneous TG-DTA measurements can be made up to 1750°C by using hang-down alumina DTA rods. The DTA signal is produced by three-couple elements in between and at the positions of the sample and a reference. The equipment is controlled via a G 11 control unit and data are evaluated by a DOS PC program. At the moment we have no DTA rods, so only TG measurements are possible.


Setaram sells a variety of sample cups, e.g. 1500 µl crucibles for TG and 20-100 µl crucibles for DTA made out of SiO2, Al2O3, Pt, and Mo. Associated with the equipment is a balance for weighing samples.

Recharge Rates

MMK users:  50 kr/h without operator, 400 kr/h with operator and/or evaluation
Academic users: 100 kr/h without operator, 400 kr/h with operator and/or evaluation
Commercial users: 500-1000 kr per sample

Time unit: per hour