Thermal Analysis

DSC – Netzsch DSC 214 Polyma

The 214 Polyma is a heat-flow DSC with a technical resolution of 0.1 µW and temperature range -170°C to 600°C. It can be operated in inert and oxidizing gas atmospheres. Heating and cooling rates range between 0.001 to 500 /min (strongly dependent on end temperatures). Cooling options are a IC70 closed-loop intra-cooler (down to -70°C) and a LN2 CC300 cooling system (down to -170°C). Measurements are usually made with 1–10 mg samples in pierced or closed cold-weldable 40 µl Concavus Al crucibles.

STA Netzsch STA 449 F3 Jupiter

The Netzsch STA 449 F3 Jupiter is a top-loaded simultaneous thermal analysis (STA) instrument for TG and heat-flow DSC measurements from RT to 1600 °C in oxidizing or neutral gases. Features include a gas control block with 3 inputs, a vacuum-tight sample chamber and automatic evacuation and purge gas inlet.

TGA – TA Instruments Discovery TG

TGA – TA Instruments Discovery TG

The TA Instruments Discovery is a state-of-the-art TG of the hung-down wire type operating from RT to 1200°C (Pt cups to 1000°C) at oxidizing or neutral conditions. Features include; a 4-gas input gas delivery module, auto-sampler, TG/MS coupling to a Pfeiffer Thermostar MS, modulated TG and HiRes TG.

TGA - Perkin Elmer TGA 7

TGA - Perkin Elmer TGA 7

The PE TGA 7 is a relatively simple TG for thermo-gravimetric measurements from room temperature to recommended T < 950°C (max. 1000 °C). Measurements can be made in neutral and oxidizing gas atmospheres. However, it is not possible to evacuate the sample container and the atmosphere is simply established by flushing before the measurements.

MS – Pfeiffer Omnistar GSD 320

The Pfeiffer Omnistar GSD 320 mass spectrometer (MS) is a bench-top instrument for detecting atomic mass units (amu) between 1 and 200. It uses a W filament, a QMA 200 quadrupole mass analyzer and a QMG 220 continuous secondary electron multiplier(C-SEM) detector, or alternatively a Faraday cup. It is attachable to our TA Instruments Discovery TG via a capillary and heated adapter. The gas inlet capillary can be heated up to 200 °C.