Micromeritics Gemini VII
Micromeritics Gemini VII

Materials with low surface areas such as powdered metals, glass fibers, and natural organic materials can also be analyzed.


  • Available gases for adsorption and surface area measurements are

                    - high purity N2,
                    - high purity CO2.

  • Temperature range:

          - standard bath (liquid N2): -196 °C;
          - variable temperature bath: -30 – 130 °C.

  • Pressure range: 10-2 – 800 Torr.
  • Degas with flowing N2 at the temperature of max. 400 °C

Recharge Rates

MMK users: 15 SEK

With operator: additional 250 SEK/hour
Outside academic users: 30 SEK

With operator: additional 800 SEK/hour
Non-academic users: 60 SEK

With operator additional 1000 SEK/hour

Time unit: per hour