The VR 3000 MYR Viscometers, models V2 R, are rotational viscometers for the fast determination of viscosity as specified in ISO 2555 and other ASTM norms. The Instrument offers viscosity measurements which are 100% compatible with the Brookfield method and permits to carry out comparative measurements in accordance to recognized standards in quality control laboratories. All models are available in three different versions: Version "L" for low to medium viscosity, version "R" for medium to high viscosity and version "H" for high to very high viscosity.

Model V2 has 2 more speeds –and consequently a wider viscosity range-, bidirectional interface RS232 and optionally, software ViscosoftPlus for the automated control of viscometer and the issuing of rheological studies.


Displayed Data

Speed Selected


Spindle Used

spindle reference

Dynamic Viscosity

mPas or cP (in version H, dPas or P)

Full Scale Percentage


Sample Temperature

ºC or ºF

Auto Range To Display Viscosity Limits

mPas o cP (in version H, dPas or P)

Shear Rate (SR) (With Special Spindles)

1/sec (only in V2 version)

Shear Stress (SS) (With Special Spindles)

N/m2 or dyne/cm2 (only in V2 version

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