Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA25E (KRÜSS instruments)

The Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA25 is designed for determining the wettability of solids by means of the contact angle as well as the surface tension of liquids such as coating substances or adhesives. Thanks to the combination of speed and versatile evaluation options, the analyses give quick feedback to pretreatment steps in quality control but also allow assessing the resulting adhesion. Contact angle instrument is equipped with a digital camera to record the droplet morphology and measure the angle and evaluate the wettability and adhesion.


Quick and versatile dosing for surface free energy and surface tension

Reliable drop shape analysis thanks to high imaging quality

Maximum repeatability and comprehensive adhesion analysis

Measuring methods

•Drop shape analysis (DSA): The contact angle is measured using the image of a sessile drop at the points of intersection (three-phase contact points) between the drop contour and the projection of the surface (baseline).

Examples/Application areas

4 Karim, Z., Hakalahti, M., Tammelin, T. & Mathew, A. P. In situ TEMPO surface functionalization of nanocellulose membranes for enhanced adsorption of metal ions from aqueous medium. RSC Adv. 7, 5232–5241 (2017).

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