Electron Crystallography Book


"The fields of electron microscopy and electron diffraction have been around for a long time and, until recently, it has proved difficult to use these techniques to determine the structures of crystals in the way that traditional x-ray crystallographers have been doing. However, the new subject of Electron Crystallography has been rapidly developing and this book shows beautifully how modern electron microscopes can now be used to solve crystal structures. The authors have produced a unique and thorough work that will enable students and researchers alike to learn how this is done. Electron Crystallography is the only book that I am aware of that describes modern electron diffraction/microscopy at a genuinely readable level. It should find a place on the shelves of students and researchers alike."

- Michael Glazer, Department of Physics, University of Oxford

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Readership: Graduate students and researchers in chemistry, crystallography, computer science and pharmaceuticals.