EXSELENT abbreviates EXtremely SELective and ENanTio-selective nanoporous materials for controlled sorption and catalysis

Preparation methods are to be developed to yield new porous materials with controlled pore size and their functionalisation, so that it is possible to design porous materials for e.g. catalysis, ion exchange, and controlled adsorption and desorption. The main efforts will be on developing heterogeneous catalysis based on new porous materials. The centre will act as a platform for innovative research and commercialisation.

The consortium currently consists of 60 researchers from Stockholm University, the Institute for Surface Chemistry (YKI), and industrial partners AstraZeneca, ExxonMobil, Lab on a bead, Climeon, Biokol, Biolin Scientific, Corning, NeoZeo, Cambrex, OrganoClick and Calidris. Berzelii Center EXSELENT is a ten-year program supported by the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA) and the Swedish Research Council (VR).