NMR is a technique, where the samples are placed in a strong magnetic field and exposed to short and intense radio-frequency pulses. We use NMR for investigations of molecular structure, order and dynamics. Computational methods range from quantum chemical calculations to classical modeling where molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo, Brownian dynamics simulations are used. We focus on modeling on different time and length scales: from individual molecules through aggregates to large scale networks, such as porous solids. 4 professors are working at the division.


1. Mattias Eden, Solid state NMR

This group is consisting at the moment of 4 PhD-students (Renny Mathew, Gholamhasan Teymoori, Yang Yu, Alexander Jaworski) , 1 researcher (Baltzar Stevenson) and 1 postdoctoral researcher (Diana Bernin). The group is not only performing the solid state NMR experiments but doing computer-intensive simulations of those experiments as well.

2. Arnold Maliniak, Computer simulations

This group consists of professor (Arnold Maliniak) and a PhD-student (Jon Kapla).



3. Alexander Lyubartsev, Computer simulations

There are currently 4 PhD students working in this group (Bojan Vujic, Inna Ermilova, Lorenzo Agosta and
Federiko Elias Wolf) and 2 postdoctoral researchers (Erik Brandt and Alexander Mirzoev).


4. Aatto Laaksonen, Computer simulations

This group consists of some researchers (Yonglei Wang, Sten Sarman, Amber Mace), 1 guest professor (Francesca Mocci)
and 1 PhD-student (Aymeric Naomé). The research goes through several areas including
modeling of porous materials, modeling of soft matter, coarse grained modeling etc.