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Studying chemistry at Stockholm University is about working closely in small groups with some of the world's best chemists. Students learn to set theory into practice in problem-based teaching that prepares them for challenging careers in a wide spectrum of fields as well as academic research.

While the Materials and Environmental Chemistry Department is focused primarily on research, Stockholm University offers educational opportunities in materials and environmental science at all levels - basic, advanced and research.

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Bachelors' Programmes

Bachelor's programmes, held in Swedish, are 3-year programmes administered through the Chemistry Section. The first two years cover the different fields of chemistry, and in the third year you specialise in your field of interest and complete a diploma project.

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Masters' programmes

Masters' programmes, held in English and administered through the Chemistry Section, are two years and have a strong research focus, finishing with a diploma project.

Free standing courses

MMK faculty give a number of freestanding courses at the advanced level that are also suitable for PhD students.

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PhD Programmes

Doctoral programmes focus on one of four topics: Inorganic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry. The 4-year programmes include both coursework and independent research, culminating in a PhD thesis.

BSc and MSc Programmes

PhD Studies

Analytical Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Materials Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Student Influence for PhD students

Sustainable Chemistry

NEW: MSc Programme in Sustainable Chemistry

Sustainable chemistry, also which embraces the concept of green chemistry, is an area that focuses on safe design of synthesis pathways, processing routes, and the derivation and analysis of products that minimizes the use and generation of hazardous substances.

Courses and programmes

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