The PhD programmes at MMK are in one of four research programs: Inorganic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry. The programmes all correspond to four years of full time study. The education has two parts: 60 ECTS of courses and a research project part ending in a PhD thesis. The thesis is almost always a summary of research presented in a number of scientific journal articles written from your doctoral work.

PhD research subjects

Course work for the PhD

The course part consists of compulsory courses and courses that the PhD student can select from available courses at SU or other universities. MMK gives a number of freestanding courses at the advanced level that are also suitable for PhD students. Search the course catalogue

Compulsory courses

Participation during the first year(s) of the PhD program in the set of short PhD courses arranged by the Chemistry Section:

Teaching chemistry 2 ECTS  
Philosophy of science and ethics   3 ECTS
Writing science (Writing a scientific article)     3 ECTS
Arrhenius seminar for PhD students (Communicating science) 1 ECTS
PhD seminar course 5 ECTS
Advanced course in the research subject  10 – 15 ECTS