Application materials

If you'd like to apply for a PhD position at the department, please submit the following documents by clicking on “Apply” at the bottom of the announcement for open PhD positions.

Required documents

  • Application Form PhD (43 Kb)

  • CV
  • Documentation of study merits which clearly shows how you meet the eligibility requirements
  • Letter of intent describing what inspired you to apply for the programme, what makes you a suitable candidate, what research questions interest you, and how your interests connect with the project described in the announcement.

How admission decisions are made

This English version is an extract from the general rules, and also includes local policy at MMK. The detailed rules are found in Högskoleverkets doktorandhandbok. In the event of a discrepancy in the present text from the Swedish rules, the Swedish version prevails.

Applications are made in accordance with the procedure described in the announcement of a new PhD position. The announcement contains a project description, information about requirements for eligibility and what documentation is requested. At MMK the supervisor together with a recruitment group will check the eligibility and, based on the merits, invite some short-listed candidates for interview. The recruitment group later make a ranking of the short-listed candidates based on the information in the applications and impressions from the interviews. The department board finally decide on who should be offered a position. There may be special cases when a PhD student is accepted with a shorter study time than the normal 48 months. Such a decision of acceptance is taken by the Chemistry Section Dean.

General and individual study plans

There are general study plans for each research education subject (Physical Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry) that can be found at the MMK web page. An individual study plan must be written in connection with the formal acceptance, where the candidate together with the supervisor make a plan for the study activities and when the required results are expected for the PhD exam. The individual study plan must be signed by the candidate, the supervisor, the assistant supervisor and the Head of department. This individual study plan is revised every year during the studies.