For Stockholm University it is important to keep in touch and build relationships with those who have studied with us. Your experiences of studying and working life are of interest and important for us to pursue. Our hope is that with a large and vibrant alumni network we will build a good base for continued lifelong collaboration. 

The word alumnus comes from Latin and means disciple or student. The concept of an alumnus, we use as a generic term for students who are finishing or have finished their studies at the university. 

At SU Alumni you will always find current information about what is happening in education and research at Stockholm University. We also send out regular electronic newsletter to all our members through the network.

Sign up

There is no charge to be a member of the SU Alumni. Click on Register and fill in your information. Once registered you will receive a username and password to your email. Then you can fill in various details about yourself. You decide how much you fill in and what to leave visible to other alumni, but keep in mind that the system becomes more useful for you and for all other alumni, the more information you share with us. If you register in any / some of the different groups of the educational programmes, you will also take part of the latest information and get opportunities of collaboration at the respective courses.

Invite your classmates

Through the network, you have the opportunity to tell other alumni about SU Alumni. Once they have registered, they will appear on the network as your contacts. If you change your personal details, your contacts will be told by an automatic e-mail message. That way they will always have up to date information about you. The same goes the other way around, you will be notified when one of your contacts changes jobs or moves for instance.

Welcome to SU Alumni!