Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry accepts Swedish and international students for internships during which the student carries out a research project within one of the research groups of the department. The condition for internship is that the student is applied and became admitted to one of the courses:  Research Trainership in Chemistry (KZ 5006, 15 ECTS credits), Research Project in Chemistry (KZ5007, 15 ECTS credits) or Research Project in Chemistry (KZ5008, 30 ECTS credits). The duration of 15 ECTS projects is about 2.5-3 months while for a 30 ECTS project it is about 5 months. By the end of the project, the student gives a presentation at a departmental or group seminar, and submit a written report.


If you are interested in such an internship, do the following:

- Contact a perspective supervisor among senior researchers of the department and agree about the content and period of the project. Be aware that such a project always addresses to a specific scientific / research task, that is why your skill in the specific area of chemistry (confirmed for example by the courses taken), as well as proficiency in English are very important. See the list of senior researches at:

- After you confirmed your internship with a supervisor, you should formally apply for the "research project" course at  and submit all necessary documentation. Follow detailed instructions given in this file: How to apply through University Admissions (29 Kb)

Be aware that "" can be closed for applications certain time after the ordinary deadline, that is during 15 Oct-15 Dec for spring semester applications and during 15 April-15 July for autumn semester applications.

For additional information, contact director of studies Alexander Lyubartsev ( or international coordinator of the Chemistry section Charlotte Boegård (