All new doctoral candiadates are employmed as "Doktorand" after July 2015. Special funding or shorter time than 48 months of study support has to be approved by the Dean before the candidate can be accepted by the Board of the department. The minimum amount of doktorandanställning is 50% of full time.

Shorter study times than 48 months may occur, but require a special agreement in the individual study plan, which then must be signed by the doctoral candidate and the Head of department (prefekt), and approved by the Section Dean of Chemistry. The time with "doktorandtjänst" can be combined with assistent employment with max 20% of full time (current salary same as for "doktorandtjänst"). The amount of assistent employment may vary and is regulated by an agreement in the individual study plan. The amount of study support with "doktorandtjänst" will then normally be reduced by the same amount, i.e. to 80% when combined with 20% assistent employment.

Salaries when employed as "doktorand" are regulated according to Villkorsavtal-SU 2016-01-01:

- Starting salary SEK 24 700/month.

- After fulfilling 50% of the requirements for the PhD exam (see below):

  SEK 27 100/month.

- When 80% is achieved: SEK 28 500/month.

General rules for employees are found (in Swedish) at Local regulations for the University that is the formal employer for PhD students, are found in Villkorsavtal-SU, at, see "Personal" and Regelboken. Prefekten (Head of Department) is responsible for matters concerning the personnel at the department, and formally accepts and employs the doctoral candidates, to which the Board has offered a place.

Prolongation of study support. The time limited employment as doktorand can be prolonged only for special reasons, e.g. absence for illness or child care (with doctor's certificate and/or with a signed declaration to the department, see below) or for parental leave (HF 5 kap. 7 §). For work in student organisations etc, special rules apply at SU, see:

For prolongation due to short term absence for illness or child care the absence must be reported within a week to the department with a declaration on a special form. From day 8 a doctor's certificate is needed. At MMK the Director of research education studies is responsible for registering all documented short term absences. The prolongation will be reported every year to the supervisor. Pregnancy should be reported at an early stage to the Head of department for proper adjustment of the working conditions.

Insurance. All students are insured for accidents in connection to the studies. Former employment as doktorand is a base for support in the event of unemployment (A-kassa, for citizens or holders of work permits). After totally 3 years employment as assistent and doktorand special unemployment assistance and benefits are available from Trygghetsstiftelsen (external link).

Local regulations at MMK

In employment as doktorand the 50% level is considered to be reached when the study time corresponds to 24 months of full time studies.

The 80% level is reached when the study time corresponds to 38 months of full time studies.

Formal work hours (used for calculating holiday time and assistent hours)

  • 1 756 hours/year until the year when getting to the age of 29 (28 days of holiday).
  • 1 732 hours from the year reaching the age of 30 (31 days of holiday).
  • 1 700 hours from the year reaching the age of 40 (35 days of holiday).


Summer is normal holiday time and a formal application must be made for leave of absence when employed, also when employed as assistent.

When employed as doktorand the working time for the doctoral candidate can, with permission of the supervisor, be spent at another place than at the department provided that is beneficial for the studies. This special permission means that holiday time should formally be used within the current year, and that "saved" holiday time from one year will not be reimbursed as salary. If the PhD exam is achieved before the end of the 48 months of study support and the employment as doktorand continues after the exam, the employee should be at the work place within normal working hours, unless the Head of department grants special permission otherwise.

Travel and expenses

Travel within the project is decided by the project leader. Before travelling abroad a special form (reseanmälan, available from the MMK homepage) must be filled in for insurance reasons. Daily allowance (taxfree when abroad) will be paid only if agreed in advance by the project leader on the form reseanmälan, and can also be adjusted in a special agreement written on the form.

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