Basic eligibility

For basic eligibility to doctoral level studies, the applicant will have:

  1. taken a second (master) level academic degree, or
  2. fulfilled course requirements for at least 240 academic credits, of which at least 60 should be at the second level, or
  3. in some other way, in Sweden or abroad, acquired generally corresponding competence.

The Board of the Faculty of Science may exempt an individual applicant from the basic eligibility requirement, if there are specific reasons.

Specific eligibility requirements

For specific eligibility to doctoral level studies in physical chemistry, the applicant should have taken a BSc (fil. kand.) degree with chemistry, chemical engineering or physics as major subject, and should have carried out and passed an independent task within the subject area, comprising at least 30 second level academic credits.

For specific eligibility the applicant may also in some other way, in Sweden or abroad, have acquired generally corresponding competence.