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If you'd like to apply for a PhD position at the department, please fill in the Application Form PhD (43 Kb) together with CV and documentation of study merits, where your eligibility is clearly documented, as well as a "Letter of intent", describing your expectations of the PhD studies connected to that project.

PhD candidates: Applications, study support and employment at MMK

This English version is an extract from the general rules, and also includes local policy at MMK. The detailed rules are found in Högskoleverkets doktorandhandbok. In the event of a discrepancy in the present text from the Swedish rules, the Swedish version prevails.

Application and selection procedure

New places in the Research education programmes should be announced.

Common announcements for the Faculty of Science take place twice every year:

1. April 2, final application date May 2;

2. October 20, final application date Nov 20. 

The Board of the department decides about other dates, which should be announced at the homepage.

Applications are made in accordance with the procedure described on the webbpage.

The eligibility and suitability for PhD studies at MMK will be tested and ranked by the Evaluation committee in the same way for all applicants, before the candidate can be approved by the Board of the department (see below). The final decision of acceptance is taken by the Dean of Section Chemistry for students who have made agreements in the individual study plan of shorter study time than corresponding to the normal 48 months of study support (see below).

General study plans for each research education subject are found on the Department's home page. At the time of application also project descriptions, requirements for eligibility, and requested documentation for the application are announced on the home page. An Evaluation committee judges the capacity of the candidates for the education offered in the research education programmes, invites short-listed candidates for interviews, and makes a priority list. The Strategy group of the department proposes to the Board of the department the number of candidates to be offered a place in the programmes. The final decision for students with normal study support is taken by the Board of the department.

An individual study plan must be written in connection to the formal acceptance, where the candidate together with the supervisor make a time plan for the study activities and when the required results are expected for the PhD exam. The individual study plan, which must be signed by the candidate, the supervisor and the Head of department, also regulates the amount of assistent employment and other departmental duties, which can be up to max 20% of full time every calendar year.