While the Materials and Environmental Chemistry Department is focused primarily on research, Stockholm University offers educational opportunities in materials and environmental science at all levels - basic, advanced and research.

Bachelor's programmes, held in Swedish, are administered through the Chemistry Section. Programmes start with two years covering the different fields of chemistry. In the third year, you specialise in your field of interest and complete a diploma project. Bachelor Programmes in Chemistry

Master programmes, held in English, are two years and have a strong research focus, finishing with a diploma project. Master Programmes in Chemistry

PhD programmes include Inorganic and Structural Chemistry, Materials Chemistry and Physical Chemistry. More about the PhD.

MMK faculty give a number of freestanding courses at the advanced level that are also suitable for PhD students. Search the course catalogue

Student Internships / Research Projects

MMK has an internship programme for Swedish and international students to conduct a research project as part of one of the research groups

Courses and programmes

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