A delegation of eight researchers including PhD students, postdocs and professors from MMK recently visited Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) in China to kick off the project ‘Bio-inspired additive manufacturing for new materials’ supported by the joint China-Sweden Mobility Program funded by STINT Sweden and NSFC China. Prof. Zhengyi Fu introduced the recent research highlight in the state key laboratory. Prof. Gunnar Svensson introduced the general research and teaching activities in MMK. Researchers from both sides exchanged their teaching experience and research interests, discussed the detailed research collaboration possibilities, identified the time table of the exchange program and started the teacher exchange between MMK SU and International School of Materials Science and Engineering WUT in the workshop.   
MMK researchers visited three main schools/laboratories in WUT: State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing has 103 researchers. School of Materials Science and Engineering has 300 employees, 3000 undergraduate students and 1800 graduate students. School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Life Sciences has 155 employees and around 1600 undergraduate and graduate students.