Master’s thesis project in sustainable materials chemistry

The purpose of the project is to assess the applicability of these colloidal lignin particles in industrial products.

Kvalificerad ekonomiassistent för personaladministration

Arbetet är självständigt och innebär täta kontakter med forskare, lärare och doktorander.

Postdoctoral fellow in metal-organic frameworks for electrocatalysis

Novel Multifunctional Materials for Solar Light Harvesting and Energy Conversion

PhD student in Materials Chemistry Ref. No. SU FV-4751-20

Project title: Biobased nanomaterials for thermal insulation: Neutron-scattering studies of assembly, swelling and phonon transport

PhD student in Materials Chemistry Ref. No. SU FV-4858-20

Project title: Nanostructured semiconductors for photoelectrochemical water splitting.

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