Researcher in Materials Chemistry

Closing date: 8 April 2019.

Project title: Functional nanoporous asymmetric polymer membrane-synthesis and application.


PhD student in Materials Chemistry

Closing date: 23 April 2019.

Project title: 3D printing of biobased filters functionalised with nanocellulose for water purification.


Lab Manager for the X-Ray facility

Closing date: 25 Mars 2019.

Qualified candidates have to be service minded and flexible towards a large user community (>30 users) with diverse knowledge levels. Applicants must also have a strong background in laboratory-based techniques and instrumentation for X-ray diffraction and analysis of X-ray diffraction data.


Researcher in Solid-State NMR on Bioactive Phosphate Cements

Closing date: 28 Mars 2019.


Postdoctoral Fellow in Nano- and Environmental Chemistry

Closing date: 8 April 2019.

Development of functional nanomaterials, such as catalysts for applications in green chemistry by synthesis and physical characterizations.

Postdoctoral Fellow in Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry

Organometallic Main Group and Transition Metal Chemistry, Thermoelectric Materials. Closing date: 15 April 2019.

Postdoctoral Fellow in Physical Materials Chemistry

Luminescent Materials; Luminescence Spectroscopy. Closing date: 15 April 2019.

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