Andrew Pell Development and application of new methods for solid-state NMR of paramagnetic materials 3.2 MSEK
Anja-Verena Mudring Novel inorganic open framework structures enabled by ionic liquids 3.5 MSEK
Junliang Sun Design of new functional inorganic porous materials from "LEGO" building units 3.3 MSEK
Niklas Hedin Microporous polymers for the upgrading of biogas via molecular separation or the catalytic transformation of carbon dioxide to methanol 3.58 MSEK
Ulrich Häussermann New and novel forms of silica and (alumino)silicates from hydrothermal environments at gigapascal pressures 3.5 MSEK
Zhijian James Shen
Bioactive zirconia mesocrystalline nanoceramics
3.32 MSEK