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  • Master’s thesis project in sustainable materials chemistry 2021-01-11 The purpose of the project is to assess the applicability of these colloidal lignin particles in industrial products.
  • New facility available to book 2020-01-21 You can now book the FLEXIROOM, C513, in TimeEdit.
  • Student Internships / Research Projects 2019-11-14 MMK has an internship programme for Swedish and international students to conduct a research project as part of one of the research groups
  • DSC – Netzsch DSC 214 Polyma 2019-09-05 The 214 Polyma is a heat-flow DSC with a technical resolution of 0.1 µW and temperature range -170°C to 600°C. It can be operated in inert and oxidizing gas atmospheres. Heating and cooling rates range between 0.001 to 500 /min (strongly dependent on end temperatures). Cooling options are a IC70 closed-loop intra-cooler (down to -70°C) and a LN2 CC300 cooling system (down to -170°C). Measurements are usually made with 1–10 mg samples in pierced or closed cold-weldable 40 µl Concavus Al crucibles.
  • Arbetsmiljö- och likabehandlingsmöte 2016-11-16
  • Arbetsmiljö- och likabehandlingsmöte 2016-11-16
  • Arrhenius Lab Closed for 3 Weeks Summer 2016 2015-10-06 Akademiska Hus will make a major upgrade of the ventilation system some time between 1 May – 30 Sept 2016.
  • Profile Pages 2015-08-12 All employees at the University have their own profile on the university's website. Each profile page contains basic information from the staff directory SUKAT, and users can add their own profile image, presentation texts, links, and files. The content on the profile page should be related to the user's position at Stockholm University.


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