MMK foundation pillars
MMK foundation pillars

Safety folder in English:

English: Work Environment and Safety Rules at MMK 2021 (1409 Kb)

Safety folder in Swedish:

Svenska: Regler för arbetsmiljö och laborativ verksamhet vid MMK 2021 (1257 Kb)

Welcome routine

Attachment 1 in the Safety folder presents a welcome routine which describes what we want to offer our guests and newcomers at MMK.

Read through the rules and regulations

If you are not going to do any laboratory work or have any contact with laboratory chemicals you can skip the last two chapters.


You should then answer all the questions in the attached QUIZ, which you must leave to you supervisor or host for control. If you passed the QUIZ it should be signed both by you and your supervisor/host.


By your signature you assure that you will follow all the required safety rules and regulations in your work during the time you will spend at the MMKs premises. The “accepted” QUIZ with both signatures together with information about your nearest kin/relative is to be handed over to the administration office at MMK (floor 4).

- Prefekten/Head of Department, MMK