Department Barbecues

Every year the department organizes its spring barbecue where all MMK members mingle to share a dinner on the university lawn and play ball games.

PhD parties

Being a PhD student at MMK is more than getting involved in scientific project. We like to organize social events to foster a good working environment and keep a good relationship between the research groups.
Once a year the PhD student committee organizes a party where all PhD student meet, socialize, and have fun. Each year we try to make something different, either with a theme or with special activities.
“This year, the party was great! The effort we put to organize it was all paid back with the fun we had. It was a great to get to know better each other and make new friends. Funny costumes, tasty food, good music and crazy games made the party unforgettable!” says the organization committee (Ornella, Valentina, Daniel and Ning).


Sport is part of the social activities we organize in our department. It is a time where colleagues socialize and get to know each other in a less formal way. Luckily, the sport hall where we use to meet is only one building far away from our laboratory. There you can do all different kind of sports (tennis, badminton, table tennis, football, innebandy, gym and many more). You can exercise and train by yourself but is also amusing to play team sports. We are playing on weekly basis indoor football and innebandy (1hour/week).

If you are interested to play football for fun, then put on your shoes and your best outfit, and join us on pitch every wednesday. For further details, please contact Zoltan Bacsik (E-mail:




We also enjoy very much playing innebandy (floor ball) and we meet every tuesday. If you come to live in Sweden you should at


least try this popular sport once. For further details, please contact Zoltan Bacsik (E-mail: