Example of empty profile page
Example of an empty profile page

The web address of each profile page uses the format
"su.se/profiles/university account username"

Profile page content

Any information added to the profile page should be related to your position at Stockholm University (see Rules & Regulations). You can choose whether to show the headings in Swedish or English.

Editing profile pages

Editing is done in a simplified version of Polopoly, the University’s central web content management system. No special training is required; all you need is the manual that we have created. Log in with your university account via the short URL su.se/editpolopoly or click on "Edit profile" at the top of your profile page.

Example of edited profile page
Example of an edited profile page

What Items you can Add and things to Keep in Mind


Complete and regularly updated information about profile pages found on SU's website

If you have any questions please contact website-at-mmk.su.se.