Central IT Services (Helpdesk)

Operating Information from IT Services

The operating information feed contains information in both Swedish and English.


In most cases you will be able to get help locally at the department, in a few cases you might be referred to the central IT services called Helpdesk.



Use this instruction if you don’t have a Arbetsplatstjänsten (”SUA”) computer.
If you are connected to Arbetsplatstjänsten your department’s DSA will install MATLAB on your computer.

Internet access in lots of places

Surf the net almost anywhere with eduroam

With the wireless network eduroam you can get internet access in a variety of places off campus all over Sweden and even in the world using your regular password.

eduroam also works on a number of libraries in Stockholm and, thanks to a collaboration between SUNET and The Cloud also in train stations, airports and ports throughout Sweden.