Information, updates and news about local and central IT services

The local IT is administrated at the deparment for computers and office suppliances. News regarding local updates and changes can be found to the left under Local IT Services.

There are general system updates on a regular basis which are administrated centrally at the University. Stay updated by checking Central IT Services.

IT news

  • New facility available to book 2021-01-25 You can now book the FLEXIROOM, C513, in TimeEdit.
  • Profile Pages 2015-08-12 All employees at the University have their own profile on the university's website. Each profile page contains basic information from the staff directory SUKAT, and users can add their own profile image, presentation texts, links, and files. The content on the profile page should be related to the user's position at Stockholm University.
Internet access in lots of places

Surf the net almost anywhere with eduroam

With the wireless network eduroam you can get internet access in a variety of places off campus all over Sweden and even in the world using your regular password.

eduroam also works on a number of libraries in Stockholm and, thanks to a collaboration between SUNET and The Cloud also in train stations, airports and ports throughout Sweden.