You find the booking facility in TimeEdit

Book a room in TimeEdit short manual (415 Kb)

Please note! All current/future bookings have been moved from the Intranet to TimeEdit.

Example of Room Booking in TimeEdit
Example of Room Booking in TimeEdit

On this site you can make reservations in rooms that belongs to the department that you are employed at.
If you don´t see a room for reservation please contact your Timeedit user at your department.
To subscribe to your reservations choose Show more during My Reservations, when you see the schedule, click on the Subscribe button in the upper right corner.

Username & Password

Same as your university/SUKAT account

Seminar rooms, Meeting rooms, Computer room or Silent room

C513 FLEXIROOM Seminar/Meeting/Computer Room

Room C513
Room C513

This facility has 22 seats, 8 computers, a projector (no screen) and 2 whiteboards. It's suitable for meetings, conferences, lectures, exams etc. PLEASE NOTE: The room has a carpet floor and to keep it clean NO FOOD OR DRINKS (except water) is allowed in the room.

C516 (North & South) Seminar Room(s)

Both C516 North and South has 18 seats and can be used as one big room or two seperate. It has a projector and a whiteboard. Suitable for seminars, lectures and exams.

C545 Meeting Room

This facility has 15 seats, a projector, a TV screen and a whiteboard. Sutiable for meetings and smaller conferences.

Booking the guest room C536 or C336 for a visitor

Please fill in this form  Underlag för fakturering av gästrum (36 Kb) and send to Helmi Frejman

Keys and access

Keys to these rooms can be picked up from office C406.