Get keys and card

Keys and card are ordered by the department's administration (only authorized).

Rules for temporary loan of keys at Stockholm University

The key you have received has a value that represents the total value of everything that is stored in the areas the key gives you access to.

By signing for keys you are eligible to:

  • Safely store the key.
  • Not ledning the key to anyone else, make copies or change the key.
  • Immediately notify the person in charge of keys at the department if you have lost the key.
  • Show you key or return it if asked to do so by the person in charge of the keys at the department.
  • Return the key when leaving. One week after the first request to return the key you will be charged a fee of 500 SEK. After two weeks the charge will be 5000 SEK.

Questions about keys and cards?


You pick them up at the administration office (Kansli) in room C406, unless instructed to pick them up at the Key Office directly (Proof of ID required). See Location map below.

Key Office Location
Key Office Location