A team led by German Salazar-Alvarez, researcher at the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, has been awarded 10 MSEK by the Swedish Research Council, VR, to develop sample environments that will allow the in-situ and in-operando multiscale characterization of novel functional nanomaterials such as biomaterials, battery components, and magnetic nanoparticles. Coupled to the high brilliance of the ESS source the project will provide exceptional opportunities for the envisioned materials. Also, testing of the new sample environments at existing neutron facilities will promote the training of the Swedish community in neutron scattering.

Project "Extended DREAM: Multiple-length scale approach to functional nanomaterials”

- Kristina Edström, Uppsala University
- Werner Schweika, DREAM-ESS 
- Gunnar Svensson, MMK-SU 
- Peter Svedlindh and Erik Wetterskog, Uppsala University


German Salazar-Alvarez