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The installation of the new Thermis Z has been started on 1 October (Monday), and on Friday the same week it was powered up. Everything looks very promising and it will be ready to be tested by the application specialists at EMC before Christmas.


    Assistant Professor in Sustainable Materials Chemistry

    Closing date: 30 November 2018.

    Sustainable materials chemistry involves studies of materials with renewable components or an intended use in fossil free energy applications.


    PhD Student in Inorganic Chemistry

    Closing date: 11 January 2019.

    Project title: Synthesis and characterization of materials for photoelectrochemical energy conversion.

    Solar-to-hydrogen conversion based on photoelectrochemical water splitting by fabrication of nanostructured thin film photoelectrodes.

    SSF grant

    Cheuk-Wai Tai has together with Tom Willhammar, Thomas Thersleff and Hongyi Xu at EMC, Stockholm University received a large grant (7.9 Mkr) within SSF Works - Instrument, Technique, and Method Development Projects 2017 for the project: ”A multidimensional toolkit for modern electron microscopy”

    Prof. Xiaodong Zou

    Xiaodong Zou has a membership in IVA

    Xiaodong Zou has been elected member of the Department of Chemistry at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.

    Aji Mathew

    Aji Mathew is promoted

    Aji Mathew has been promoted to professor of materials chemistry with a focus on biopolymer based functional materials.

    Vetenskapsrådet har beviljat Aji Mathew och Xiaodong Zou finansiering

    Vetenskapsrådet har beviljat Aji Mathew och Xiaodong Zou finansiering inom Swedish Research Links 2016 för projektet ”Biobased scaffolds, membranes and hydrogels for improved wound healing and bone regeneration (BIOHEAL).” Finansieringen är på 1.17 Mkr och samarbetslandet är Indien.

    Smarta material för ren luft, vatten och mark

    Från Stockholms universitet medverkar professor Niklas Hedin och universitetslektor Aji Mathew, båda från institutionen för material- och miljökemi.

    Swedish Research Council logo

    Extended DREAM: Multiple-length scale approach to functional nanomaterials

    A team led by German Salazar-Alvarez, researcher at the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, has been awarded 10 MSEK by the Swedish Research Council, VR, to develop sample environments that will allow the in-situ and in-operando multiscale characterization of novel functional nanomaterials such as biomaterials, battery components, and magnetic nanoparticles.

    self-assembly of nanoparticles

    Understanding how the self-assembly of nanoparticles proceeds

    The discovery that the assembly of synthetic nanocrystals proceeds through a two-step process where nanoparticles first agglomerate into an intermediate disordered state that then rapidly transforms into large ordered arrays is similar to what has been recently observed for many synthetic crystal and biominerals.

    Swedish Research Council logo

    The Swedish Research Council recently approved grants for MMK staff

    Six of the principle investigators at MMK received grants from the Research Council this year. These grants are for the years of 2017-2020 and amounts to 20.4 MSEK.

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    The Chemistry Section (KÖL)

    The Chemistry Section (Kemiska sektionen) at Stockholm University consists of four chemistry departments, each of which conducts successful education and research within their field.