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The research at MMK addresses important challenges in energy, environment and health. We work for a better world and sustainable society.

We focus on developing new materials for a sustainable society, employing green synthesis and sustainable processing routes. We develop advanced methodologies for chemical analysis and structural characterisation, including analytical chemistry tools, electron crystallography, different spectroscopic methods and multiscale  modelling.

The research activities are divided into 10 profile areas, conducted by 26 research groups.


Zhehao Huang

New structural transformation phenomenon can break the way in searching for novel materials

All over the world science is looking for new materials to tackle environmental problems. Scientists have now found a new way of generating novel zeolites, which are widely used for producing basic chemicals and recently drawn interests in CO2 capture. The route is based on the discovery of a structural transformation phenomenon introduced by deep dehydration – allowing brand new materials to be obtained from existing ones.

Sven Hovmöller

Sven Hovmöller awarded by IUCr

Congratulation Sven, for being awarded the IUCr Gjønnes Medal in Electron Crystallography.

Universitetets information om höstterminen

Fakultetens riktlinjer och rekommendationer under pågående Corona-utbrott

Dag Noréus

Återvinning av batterier förenklas med ny metod

En ny metod för att återvinna gamla batterier kan ge bättre och billigare laddningsbara hydridbatterier (NiMH). Det visar en ny studie av forskare vid Stockholms universitet.

SMH logo

5.8 million kronor for Stockholm Material Hub

Region Stockholm has granted 36.4 million kronor to technology projects that couple basic research with entrepreneurship. Stockholm Material Hub, led by Stockholm University researchers James Shen, Aji Mathew and Mirva Eriksson, has received 5.8 MSEK to develop materials for use in healthcare and bring them to market.

New solutions for cutting CO2 emissions

Sustainable catalytic processes for CO2 conversion to platform chemicals and novel materials


In silico studies towards highly specific antibodies for the novel coronavirus

A Brazilian research group together with professor Aatto Laksonen from the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry at Stockholm University and Petru Poni Institute in Iasi have confirmed how the spike protein receptor binding domain of the new coronavirus enters the human cell. Based on these molecular insights the researchers have been able to propose more efficient binder candidates. This discovery has the potential to improve the development of a new vaccine and/or an antiviral drug. These recent findings are published in the scientific journal Virus Research.


Corona: MMK donates protective visors for Swedish hospitals

3D printing process of protective visors The 3D printing process of protective visors was conducted in Prof. Aji Mathew’s and Prof. Jiayin Yuan’s group.

Hand sanitizer team

Corona: MMK Produce Hand Sanitizer for Hospitals

We have now delivered more than 20 000 liters of hand sanitizer to the hospitals and elderly homes.


Information for students and staff about the coronavirus

Information on the coronavirus in relation to Stockholm University's activities is updated continuously.

Robin Rogers. Foto: Alec Tremaine Photography


Prominent US chemists guest professors at Stockholm University

Robin D. Rogers and Paul Anastas are world-renowned for their work on developing eco-friendly chemicals. In 2019 and 2020, they are guest professors at Stockholm University.

Recent Publications

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Artikel Best Practice for Reporting Wet Mechanical Properties of Nanocellulose-Based Materials
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Artikel Controllable direct-syntheses of delaminated MWW-type zeolites
2020. Zhendong Wang (et al.). Cuihuà xuébào 41 (7), 1062-1066

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Artikel Development of a high pressure stirring cell up to 2 GPa
2020. Ying-Jui Hsu (et al.). High Pressure Research

Artikel Efficient and Long Lived Green Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells
2020. Jude E. Namanga (et al.). Advanced Functional Materials

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Artikel Phosphate dental cements agedin vivoup to 25 years
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Artikel Promoting the Fe(VI) active species generation by structural and electronic modulation of efficient iron oxide based water oxidation catalyst without Ni or Co
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