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The research at MMK addresses important challenges in energy, environment and health. We work for a better world and sustainable society.

We focus on developing new materials for a sustainable society, employing green synthesis and sustainable processing routes. We develop advanced methodologies for chemical analysis and structural characterisation, including analytical chemistry tools, electron crystallography, different spectroscopic methods and multiscale  modelling.

The research activities are divided into 10 profile areas, conducted by 26 research groups.


Gröna grejer

Call for collaborative postdoc projects linked to SUCCeSS

Stockholm University Center for Circular and Sustainable Systems (SUCCeSS) is a new center and virtual meeting place for broad transdisciplinary research, in collaboration with industry and policymakers. We now open a call for 2-year postdoc positions financed by SUCCeSS, with the aim to initiate and stimulate collaborations across disciplines at SU on circular and sustainable systems. We invite collaborative proposals addressing research contributing to any of the three focus research areas of SUCCeSS: 
•    Circular processing
•    Sustainable food and water systems
•    Data driven circular and sustainable design.  

The single-walled zeolitic nanotube is composed of a microporous aluminosilicate wall encapsulating a hollow mesoporous core. (Tom Willhammar, Stockholm University).

Single-walled zeolitic nanotubes discovered

A new class of nanotube material has been discovered by researchers at Stockholm University together with a research group at the American university GeorgiaTech. The unique mesostructure of nanotube materials provide them with properties that are not available for bulk material. The discovery was recently published in the scientific magazine Science.

High quality PhD program

The post graduate education in physical chemistry have been evaluated and it shows that our program have a high quality.

Adam Slabon

Congratulations Adam Slabon for the Wallenberg Academy Fellow 2021

for recycle the natural resource lignin and create new sustainable materials.

Kemister i labb

Stockholm University part in a billion investment in materials science

Stockholm University is one of six universities that will share SEK 2.7 billion within the new research program Wallenberg Initiative Material Science for Sustainability.


Ulrika Nilsson, Ioannis Sadiktis, and Mika Sipponen have received Formas grants.

Welcome to SUCCeSS first ever speedtalk

We are excited to invite you to our first speed talk event at Stockholm University Centre for Circular and Sustainable Systems (SUCCeSS) to be held on Monday the 29th of November.

Formas Funding for Developing Safe and Sustainable Textile recycling

Textile re- and (up-)cycling is one of the most pressing issues in achieving circular economy. Prof. Aji Mathew and Anneli Kruve, have obtaimed support from the FORMAS Resource efficient and non-toxic call for a two-year project.

Welcome to SUCCeSS, the new Stockholm University Center for Circular and Sustainable Systems!

Welcome to SUCCeSS, the new Stockholm University Center for Circular and Sustainable Systems!

Welcome to SUCCeSS, the Stockholm University Center for Circular and Sustainable Systems! We are a new collaborative platform, for researchers in natural and social sciences aiming to solve the sustainability challenges of our time through transdisciplinary research. Visit our webpage to find out more about the center and how to collaborate with us.

Pieces of wood and bark

New European network on sustainable use of tree bark for wooden construction

Wooden construction is important for many European countries. Stockholm University will coordinate an ERA-NET ForestValue project that brings together partners from six European countries to develop and demonstrate sustainable technologies for the utilization of bark residues from the forest industry.


Large infrastructure grant to EMC at Stockholm university

The Electron Microscopy Center (EMC) at Stockholm University has been granted 15 MSEK by The Swedish Research Council for upgrade of the scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and soft matter sample preparation facilities.

Michelle defense

Congratulations to our new masters in Analytical Chemistry

Another successful school year got a fantastic ending when eighth masters’ students on the Analytical Chemistry program defended their Master’s theses.

Gradual opening

MMKs local corona recommendations for work and teaching

James Shen

Professor Zhijian James Shen has passed away

Our dear colleague Professor Zhijian James Shen has recently passed away at an age of 59 years. James was associated and employed at Stockholm University and the Department since 1993. We will remember James for his very friendly and care-taking demeanor and for his intelligence and enthusiastic and hard-working attitude. We would like to share our memories of him with his family. If you have photos/pictures or a few sentences of memories please collect them and send them to Mirva Eriksson ( and/or Lu Song  ( This text will be updated when we have more information.


 Gunnar Svensson, prefekt

Picture of Adam Slabon.

New master’s programme in sustainable chemistry

This autumn Stockholm University will start a new master’s programme in sustainable chemistry. It is the first complete master’s programme in this area in Europe and part of the university´s effort to focus on sustainable chemistry.

Beyond Benign

MMK Sign the Green Chemistry Commitment

To make green chemistry an integral part of chemistry education.

Dag Noréus

Återvinning av batterier förenklas med ny metod

En ny metod för att återvinna gamla batterier kan ge bättre och billigare laddningsbara hydridbatterier (NiMH). Det visar en ny studie av forskare vid Stockholms universitet.


Corona: MMK donates protective visors for Swedish hospitals

3D printing process of protective visors The 3D printing process of protective visors was conducted in Prof. Aji Mathew’s and Prof. Jiayin Yuan’s group.

Hand sanitizer team

Corona: MMK Produce Hand Sanitizer for Hospitals

We have now delivered more than 20 000 liters of hand sanitizer to the hospitals and elderly homes.


Information for students and staff about the coronavirus

Information on the coronavirus in relation to Stockholm University's activities is updated continuously.

Recent Publications

Artikel 3D-printable biopolymer-based materials for water treatment
2022. Natalia Fijoł, Andrea Aguilar-Sanchez, Aji P. Mathew. Chemical Engineering Journal 430

Artikel Gas sorption properties and kinetics of porous bismuth-based metal-organic frameworks and the selective CO2 and SF6 sorption on a new bismuth trimesate-based structure UU-200
2022. Michelle Åhlén (et al.). Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 329

Artikel Metal-biomolecule frameworks (BioMOFs)
2022. Cristina Martin (et al.). Chemical Communications

Artikel NH3-SCR catalysts for heavy-duty diesel vehicles
2022. Estefania Bello (et al.). Applied Catalysis B 303

Artikel Rheo-SAXS study of shear-induced orientation and relaxation of cellulose nanocrystal and montmorillonite nanoplatelet dispersions
2022. Pierre Munier (et al.). Soft Matter 18 (2), 390-396

Artikel 3D-printed monolithic biofilters based on a polylactic acid (PLA) - hydroxyapatite (HAp) composite for heavy metal removal from an aqueous medium
2021. Natalia Fijoł (et al.). RSC Advances 11 (51), 32408-32418

Artikel Combined Theoretical and Experimental Studies Unravel Multiple Pathways to Convergent Asymmetric Hydrogenation of Enamides
2021. Jianping Yang (et al.). Journal of the American Chemical Society 143 (51), 21594-21603

Artikel Holistic Valorization of Hemp through Reductive Catalytic Fractionation
2021. Suthawan Muangmeesri (et al.). ACS sustainable chemistry and engineering 9 (51), 17207-17213

Artikel Spectroscopic and Structural Properties of β-Tricalcium Phosphates Ca9RE(PO4)7 (RE = Nd, Gd, Dy)
2021. Veronica Paterlini (et al.). Crystals 11 (10)

Artikel Structural investigation of three distinct amorphous forms of Ar hydrate
2021. Paulo H. B. Brant Carvalho (et al.). RSC Advances 11 (49), 30744-30754

Artikel Study of Al1–xTixB2 Particles Extracted from Al–Ti–B Alloys
2021. Mats Johnsson, Kjell Jansson. International Journal of Materials Research - Zeitschrift für Metallkunde 89 (6), 394-398


Sustainable Chemistry

NEW: MSc Programme in Sustainable Chemistry

Sustainable chemistry, also which embraces the concept of green chemistry, is an area that focuses on safe design of synthesis pathways, processing routes, and the derivation and analysis of products that minimizes the use and generation of hazardous substances.

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